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It was a decent night's sleep although I did hear the protesters begin around 4am, they seem to be getting earlier. Sipi's dad thinks that the violence is going to increase significantly over the next few days. I think it is good that I am not here too much longer.


I think today will be much the same as yesterday in the sense of me getting lots of reading done. It sounds potentially difficult to even head out on the streets today, I may anyways. It has been a bit more than two hours since breakfast and I now have a plate of fruit in front of me again. I know more is coming so I better start in on it.


After lunch I took a walk back down to Thamel. I would have liked to go while the shops were open but that would have meant after dark and I am not convinced that I could find my way back in the dark quite yet...probably need a couple of weeks here to acclimatize to the small narrow alleys without lights.


Today is the first day in this trip where I feel sort of bored. Oh well, the trip has been fun even with the alterations and I will be about half way to Sharjah tomorrow at this time.


Just returned from a trip to Thamel now that the shops are open. Picked up two embroidered shirts for Christopher at 750 NPR which is okay but I was told the real price is about one half of this.


I exchanged phone numbers and addresses with Sipi's. We had a couple of photos taken and I gave them the notebook gift that I brought from Qatar. They seemed interested in it, although I suppose I should have got an English version as well so they could figure out which cities were where.

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photo by: sharonburgher