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 I was very lucky to work with some eager children today. I visited one of the Favelas on Ilha. Wow is the only word that can describe the Favelas. There were men shining their guns next to 2 yr old kids playing. There were young girl in short and revealing clothes while church music was playing. I was able to three of the homes of the children in which my friend teaches. They were so excited and happy to have guest. They baked me a cake and had cake and cafe with me. I was then informed that the 9 year old and the 12 year old were the main person in their families, as they take care (cook, clean, teach, ect) of their younger siblings. The girls all thought that I was pretty and wanted to hug and be under me at all times. They were so innocent that it amazed me. They asked questions like: if I write you a letter to your far away home, will you get it? or How come I spoke English?. It was really cute. It is truely amazing as to how the Favelas are established it is literally a maze in there, and it is no wonder that the police get lost in them. If traveling to Brazil you have to visit the Favelas. The thing that amazed me, is the level of innocence and happiness that was shared amonsgt the girls. Though I am only 23 (which is young to me), all of the girls wanted to know how many kids I have, I why was I trveling without my husband?. It really troubled my sprit to visit today because you never know when things can go worst. I dont know if in a year if I come back if my girls would still be as innocent as they were today. They are forced into adulthood but what will happen? would they continue on the same part as their parents or will they finally be given the supplies/education in which they deserve. I wanted to cry are several instances while they were asking me questions eagerly. They were too sweet and they all wanted to be told that they looked like me (though everyone knew only a few did). They all held my hand, and wanted to sit next to me. I will never forget this trip. Eye opener for sure.
voimama says:
wow, look like you have a real journey here Nabila... jealous (0_o)... ain't we lucky to be able decide our own fate, somewhat... Anyhow, I'm looking forward to see your pictures and hear more interesting stories of your journey
Posted on: May 23, 2010
kmis says:
Awe, reading your story about the little girls in the Fevalas is so touching and emotional. I would've been crying all day around those little innocent little girls. If only they were given a greater chance of life, supplies, education materials for the power of knowledge, it saddens me to hear when little girls are pushed prematurily into adult hood. And their youth is stripped from them to marry and raise a family early. You should treasurer the memory of that trip, because it's evident the girls really looked up to you and valued the time you all spend with them. That already has changed their lives for ever!

Posted on: May 17, 2010
kmis says:
This looks like it is an older post, but it just showed up. It seems like visiting the favelas truly was an emotional experience. And yeah, I also wonder how long will they be allowed to remain as innocent.
Posted on: May 14, 2010
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