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So we arrived at Zion and took it easy the first night.  We did the glamorous task of laundry:).  We got a good nights sleep and woke up early to go on the West Rim/Angels Landing hike.  There is a heat wave out here so we wanted to get the hike in before the heat was on.

There are buses that run from 5:45 am until 11 pm and they are free.  So we took the bus in and began our hike.  It was a beautiful morning and there were several people already out hiking.  Out of all the parks that we have been to, this park has more outdoor enthusiatists.  We saw a bunch of people on the trails. 

We hiked up the West Rim trail Walters Wiggles switchbacks were killer and Bri continued onto Angels Landing.  I do not appreciate heights and therefore hung out with chipmunks crawling on my pack!  Seriously!  We had walkie talkies and Bri and I were in contact.

  He reached the top and came back drench in sweat and with a big smile.  Angels Landing is a hike that uses chains and has sheer drops off over 1,000 feet on both sides.  At times the path is only a few feet wide.  It is dangerous.  Although people are not discouraged from hiking it, the danger is more than what is posted.  Also, we saw numerous people with no water and wearing flip flops.  They endanger themselves as well as others when not properly outfitted.    It's scary and I am glad I didn't try to hike it.  When we got up there I thought, well I will try it.  I am only here once.  Then I took a hard look and knowing I can not even get throught a ropes course, I decided I am not afraid of bugs, mice or snakes.
Bri ontop of Angels Landing.
  It's OK that I don't like heights.   Also, I wasn't alone and wasn't the only one waiting for others.

After Bri came back, we went and had breakfast and took a nap.  We went back out and hike a bit to go swimming.  It was hot hot hot out.  We then went and hit another trail for a few miles.  After we came back to the inn and showered for dinner.  Things quickly went downhill from there.  Bri could not eat.  This is HIGHLY unusual for him.  He left dinner and I got it wrapped up and paid.  He waited for me outside the restuarant.  He said he didn't feel well.  He then got very sick.  This is unprecented as we have been together many years and I have only seen him sick two other times.

Over the top!
  Something was wrong. 

We got back to the inn and we knew he was dehydrated.  We started with fluids, however, he had a difficult time swallowing.  I called the doctor and he told me to continue with fluids, but if he doesn't not get better I should calll him, no matter what time.  The next day Bri felt better but his chest hurt.  We called the doctor who met us in 20 minutes at the Clinic on a Sunday.  The doctors were great.  Bri was seriously dehydrated.  They pumped 2 bags of sodium into him.  He is still recooperating and has eaten a bit.  It was scary.  It's not good to try to ride things out and feel better.  Glad we went to the doctors.  They said he was on the verge of collasping.


Soooo...................................our first day at Zion turned out to be our last day too.  We have been chilling at Under the Eaves and taking it easy the past 2 days.  Thank goodness we are staying in a nice place and not in the tent.  I can't imagine not feeling good in a tent.  That would not be good at all.  We are heading out tomorrow and Bri is feeling better.  Hopefully, he will be almost 100 percent and ready to go.

We are hoping to stop at Graceland on the way home depending on how we are feeling.

Happy Trails and Drink Water Please!

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Bri ontop of Angels Landing.
Bri ontop of Angels Landing.
Over the top!
Over the top!
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