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We drove into Whitefish and stayed the night at a KOA.  It was nice there and we headed out early in the morning to get our oil changed.  After, we went to Glacier.

As soon as we pulled through the gate,  two deer pranced across the road.  These have to be hired help.  We went to the Apgar Transit station and talked to two rangers who told us how dumb people are to approach wild animals.  We saw the free shuttle service for the park put in place to cut down the number of cars on the Going to the Sun Road. (Yellowstone could use this)

We took the famous Red Bus tour. The buses were built in the thirties for the national parks and every park had a color of their fleet, Glacier red.   Glacier had kept the vehicles operational because The Going to the Sun Road is so steep and prohibits RVS etc.

Rented red bus. We gave a few lolly gaggers a ride.
  .  They bused were recently restored  by Ford for free and are now operated by a tour company.  We were glad to have someone else driving.  The road is an engineering and historical wonder.  You feel as though you are going to fall off the edge.  I HATE HEIGHTS, so I was glad someone else was driving.   We got some great shots and reached the top in the rain and clouds.  So glad someone else was driving.  It was freezing out.  Now I know what it means to truly dress in layers.

After the tour,  we hung out by the camp fire with some neighbors.  They were two hikers from PA and a family from Spokane, WA.  The family gave us great tips and told us to try huckleberrys.  The dad drove a truck he dubbed, Slayer.

  He had hit 14 elk, 4 coyotes and countless deer.  Out here it is common and not a huge deal.  The Dad also said he was more afraid of the city than of bears.  The stars were awesome at night. 

The next morning , we tried huckleberry syrup, pie and ice cream.  It WAS fantastic.    A coyote greeted us at the entrance.  Do we need to tip these guys?  We went for a 5 mile hike to Avalanche creek armed with bear spray. The hike was good and we headed back out onto the road.  Glacier was very, very cool.

Few Facts -Glacier has international bathrooms too, the – russ-ian, euro-pean, and finish.  Bikers are called meals on wheels and motorcycles are called fast food for the bears.  Years ago Glacier had 130 galciers, today almost 40.  The waterfalls  are snowmelt from the snow fields above.  Also, Montana has small casinos EVERYWHERE!  People are really nice.

We went to the Vortex nears Glacier.  This was the weird.   Brian doesn’t believe it. 

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Rented red bus.  We gave a few lol…
Rented red bus. We gave a few lo…
Atop Logan Pass.  Cold...brrrr.
Atop Logan Pass. Cold...brrrr.
Avalanche Lake
Avalanche Lake
Wild Flowers.
Wild Flowers.
West Glacier
photo by: ktoli