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Shan means mountain in Mandarin, in case you were wondering why a few place names ended with that word.  My minivan dropped me off in the town of Baoguo, at the base of Emeishan.  The owner of the Teddy Bear Hotel came out to meet me.  Once again I was in a hotel that was right behind the bus station.  I checked in and found that there were no single rooms available.  But they were willing to give me a deal on a double--100RMB per night.  (That is around $15.)  The room was actually really nice and big, and had an attached bath!  It was decorated in wood and Chinese characters.  Oh, and there was a teddy bear that was missing an eye and a nose sitting in one of the chairs.

  I was still feeling pretty gross after my sweat-fest in Leshan, so I started off with a shower and then took a nap on the comfy bed.  After that I headed out to check out the town.

There really is only one main street in Baoguo, and a couple of very short side streets.  The main street is lined with hotels, restaurants, and shops.  It is definitely a tourist town.  I strolled down the main street and looked at all of the shops.  After overheating in Leshan and again on the minivan, I didn't really feel like trying something exotic.  In fact, after walking all over and looking at all that the restaurants had to offer, I ended up going back to the hotel to get one of their "hamburgers".

  It was a little strange--the texture and flavor were different than a US hamburger, but it was close enough that my stomach didn't object.  It was served with fried, but whatever tuber they used to produce the fries was green.  All in all it wasn't bad, just unexpected.

After that I went back up to my room and settled in to read and watch some Chinese tv.  There were no English language channels here, so I was stuck with trying to figure out what was happening in the Chinese programs.  I don't think I've written yet about the Chinese programs I've seen.  Most tend to be set in ancient China, with elaborate costumes and hairpieces.  There are several shows similar to American Idol (sigh) and even some infomercials.  I saw two modern sitcoms.  And I saw one hilarious show that appeared to be a slapstick comedy, set in ancient times, with a Kung Fu granny. 

Anyway, I quickly grew bored this night and switched to reading.  I have a bit of a guitly pleasure in British murder mysteries.  After retiring fo the night I had dreams about a murder investigation.  I knew I would need to get up early the next morning to tackle Emeishan, the mountain. 

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photo by: spocklogic