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the sun was very strange this day, some kind of halo-effect.

It came to my mind, perhaps it could be a bit exotic and interesting for some of you guys to watch some pictures of a real Swedish winter landscape. We live in Nacka, 15 minutes drive from the city center of Stockholm, or about 30 minutes with local transport. 

Last winter we have had a lot of snow in the Stockholm area and many days with temperature below minus 20 degrees Celsius. The winter was really taking its grip around us and we had much snow for more than three months in the Stockholm area. That is more than we have seen for over twenty years.

I always think it is something special with a walking-tour in a winter landscape.

view from our balcony
You need at least three layers on your body and good boots on your feet. The air is very cold and very refreshing and healthy to breath. It tickles in your nose when you inhale the air because of the icecold molecules. It s a lot of watersteam when you breathe that looks like smoke around your face. It is very quite in nature and every sound can be heard for miles and miles because the lake is frozen and the sounds reproduces very fast. You can almost feel the magic of all nature wrapped up in like white duvets. Everything is very soft. When you walk in the quite nature, the only sound you can here is from the steps you take, and for every step the snow crackles underneath your feet, like if you crush a cake of white meringue. No birds are there, and if you see any they don t sing and no leaves are left on the trees. The wind is completely still and everything is just magic.

This is a very special feeling, even for us who lives here and occassionally are lucky to experience how the nature converts into this disguise. It is most enjoyable to take a long walking tour in your surroundings a day like this. Look at my pictures and just enjoy and try to feel how it could be like to experience all the snow, the snowcovered trees, the bay where you summertime can take a good swim and listen to the sounds of the waves sweeping on the rocks and on the beach, looking how the seabirds watch out for a bit of free water and something to eat, how the sun can play some tricks for you almost telling you there are three suns. :)


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the sun was very strange this day,…
the sun was very strange this day…
view from our balcony
view from our balcony
our neighbours cottage
our neighbours cottage
our house
our house
from the jetty towards the  eterni…
from the jetty towards the etern…
my daily 15 minutes walk from the …
my daily 15 minutes walk from the…
our house embedded in snow landsca…
our house embedded in snow landsc…
neighbours cottage
neighbours cottage
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photo by: ken2010