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Going on my first cruise.  I just couldn't wait to finally board the ship.  Which left from Miami, Florida.  We got there a couple days early and went on an airboat tour of the Everglades it was quiet impressive although I didn't see as many alligators as I expected to in the wild.  I also found out that the Everglades is not a swamp like I thought.  Our boat driver told us that it is actually a really slow moving river.  The company that does the airboat tour also had what I will call little alligator farm.  They gave a little presentation about the gators then we were given the opportunity to hold one for $3 and we could take out pictures.  I did and so did my mom both or which surprized me.  I would not have thought I would do something like that let alone my mother.  It was finally departure day for our cruise.  Arriving at port I was not sure what to expect but I found it be be a little like getting on a airplane stand in line and put your carry ons through the x ray machine and go through metal detectors.  My first look at the ship I was like wow this hugh.  I know it was going to be big but to actually see it was WOW.  My only kind of let down with the ship was the cabin size. I knew that they would be pretty small but I was still shocked at how small.  Anytime you wanted food there was always something to eat.  They had buffets, sandwich bar, burrito bar, pizza, ice cream, fish and chip bar, then there was the sitdown restaurant.  Now I am a Denny's, Perkins kind of girl.  the fanciest restaurant I have been to is the Olive Garden.  When it came to dinner we had 2 waiters always filling our water glasses and making sure we liked our food.  I am a picky eater and if they noticed I was not eating something they offered to get me something else.  When the food was served it was all decorated nicely on the plate like I have seen on the food network channel. There was a seperate person how came around to offer you something from the bar which cost $7-8 for alcohol.  So most nights I passed on a drink.  The ship had several pools and hot tubs some of which were adults only and others were for the whole family.  Multiple bars, live music at various places throughout the ship, casino, stores( which dissappointed me).  Our first port of call was Cozumel we opted to take a tour of Tulum which was on the main land which meant a long trip to get there.  Our guide was great informative entusiastic and fun.  He gave us some history of tulum when we arrived then gave us time on our own.  However because of the heat I did not explore the area any where near as much as I wanted to I just could not handle it and had to find shade.  This was also my first experience with pushy sales people you know the ones who are in your face trying to get you to buy there product and all but pull you away from someone elses little stand to get you over to theirs.  I didn't really look at anything here expecting to return to port with about an hour to look at the shops there . I was wrong.  So I went to the shop on the ship expecting something besides a t-shirt to remember where I had been.  I didn't find what I wanted.  I am a shot glass collector when I go on vacations.  The shot glasses they had were of places we were not stopping.  Our next port was Belize.  Me and my mom opted to go zip lineing. It was great except for the hike to get started.  Lets just say I am out of shape and was not prepared but it was amazing.  Once again it was a long tour with no time for souviner shopping time. The company doing the zip lining took pictures as we were traversing which we could buy which I did.  they were all of my back because the clip hooking you to the line is on swivel and I turned around (not by choice) on all the traverses we did.  My mom shocked me again by doing this and they got so good shots of her which made me happy.  Our third stop was Roatan, Honduras,  I opted for an easy city tour and I finally got to do some souviner shopping but because I did not have a watch with me I went back to the ship about 2 hours earlier than I needed to. So next time I go on a cruise I will bring a watch.  Our final stop was Grand Cayman.  The tour we opted for went to sting ray city, a turtle farm and Hell (yes it is an actual location)  I had a lot of fun with this tour.  The only dissappointing thing was at sting ray city we were told by more that one person that the boat ride to the area the water was only 8 feet deep and once there "Sting Ray City" the water was only 2 1/2 feet deep.  the water came up to my neck.  It was Ok for me but my mother has issues with her ears  so she must make sure she gets no water in them.  Which meant she was unable to get off the boat.  because the water was so chopping the waves would have gone over her head.  Due to the choppyness of the water she got sea sick on the boat. This was just a little boat now not the ship.  At the turtle farm I thought it was nice we got to hold some turtles while the guide was present.  The group had moved on to the next area at the farm and our guide was talking that we heard a thud.  somebody had picked up one of the larger turtles by themselves and droped it on the cement.  The sound was sickening.  Our guide heard it a jumped down from his spot and went to where it was the person had already put it back in the pond.  Hell was very interesting it is my understanding that the area they call hell is coral the dried up when the water receded from that area. I am not sure though it does look like a volcanic area but it is not.  before I knew it we were back in Miami.  Even though I had a few dissappointments  it was a wonderful experience that I am looking forward to again.
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