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well we r back in grapevine texas. we got in lastnight at 12am. it calls for a 14hour road trip but we made it in 13. we had such a fun week and we will surely miss breckenridge. we want to make it an annual trip. but next time we want to go the first week of april or the latter part of march. right before the ski season ends. we arrived too late to ski in breckenridge but apraphoe basin was still open. it is the mountain that stays open the longest in that area. loveland would be second to last to close. and we were going to go skiing on friday, the day before we left but we were indecisive due to us still trying to acclimate to the weather and were still having a little trouble breathing. so friday morning we slept in. haha. so to this day, i still havent been skiing. but we are already planning our second trip and we will be going to california. i wanna show my gf where i grew up and visit some of my friends and relatives. we will spend two weeks there during new years. and we plan on skiing in big bear. or bear mountain. so hopefully that will be the time i will go skiing for the first time.

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its our sixth day in breck. its been such a great trip so far. but let me tell ya, the first day and a half was a little bit scary. being so high up in elevation both my gf and i were experiencing mild symptoms of altitude sickness. i felt weak and outta breath. and my heart was beating a little faster than normal. my gf was lightheaded and dizzy. we quickly googled the situation and found some answers. and then talked with the concierge. best remedy was to drink alot of water, eat veggies and light meals through out the day and just rest for the first two days while our bodies adjusted. coming from texas where we are pretty much at sea level and then going straight to 12,000 feet was just too much of a change. thats ok though, i know now what to expect for the next trip.

so far we've explored the little quaint town of breckenridge with all its little shops and stores. we bought a bottle of hybrid wine and had a custom label put on it that shows a pic of me and my gf. a great souvenir. and when i say hybrid wine i mean that the little shop we bought it from specializes in combining traditional wine flavors and styles with a hint of fruit flavors. really good.

we also got to see the royal gorge in canon city, went to denver to the denver zoo and denver aquarium. and today is my bday so we are going to a spa to get massages and facials. and then going to a fancy dinner tonight. my gf bought the sexiest dress ever and i cant wait to squire her about town in it. ill be sure to upload a pic. haha. and she also has something else planned for my bday but she its a surprise.

tomorrow we drive to arapahoe basin to go skiing which ive never been. and then the next day which is a saturday we check out and leave to go back home.
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