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Peggy Guggenheim Collection... Love this picture

Today we expanded our minds by visiting the Peggy Guggenheim Collection which is a Modern Art Museum.  It had some really weird stuff but I liked a few pieces.  I liked artwork that used other materials not necessarily just paint and canvas.  There was another cool one outside that used mirrors and two way mirrors which got a cool effect.  We have some neat pictures from that piece.  I also got to see the abstract painting that is in the Movie Mona Lisa Smiles.  It was a good experience but I wouldn't go back... although modern art isn't really my thing so if you enjoy it check it out! 

Then we did a little shopping on the bridge over the main canal which has lots of fun shops.  In St. Marc's Square there are tons of pigeons, many more than trafalgar square.

My favorite picture I took in Venice even though I'm not in it.
  They sell corn kernals for a euro so you can feed them.  This was very entertaining since the second you open the bag pigeons are landing all over you and you'll have 4-5 on your arm at once trying to get food from your hand.   It was a lot of fun although it was scary at first.  A little girl with red hair was hilarious... they must have liked the color of her hair because they kept landing on her head! 

We then went on our Venice Tour which involved a lot of quick stops seeing different buildings and parts of the city.  The highlite of the tour was the gondola ride.  6 people go in each gondola so try to position yourself so you are going to be the first into the gondola so you can get the best seat in the back on the Heart shaped cusion.

Gondola Ride
  On the gondola the guide pointed out famous buildings and I learned that Venice is made up of 180 islands which use pilings to support the buildings.  The Islands are connnected by over 400 bridges!  Also, Gondola rides are best in the summer because in the winter the water rises and you can only go on the main canal not the small, cute, pretty ones that you get to see in the spring. 

Also when in Italy you should have Gelato at least 2 times a day if not 3.  We did this regularly.  Also go to smaller local places for Gelato not the larger touristy places with we speak english signs!  The big places charge a lot more!  This is true in all of Itlay!

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Peggy Guggenheim Collection... Lov…
Peggy Guggenheim Collection... Lo…
My favorite picture I took in Veni…
My favorite picture I took in Ven…
Gondola Ride
Gondola Ride
Pretty building in Venice
Pretty building in Venice
Me feeding the pigeons
Me feeding the pigeons
St. Marcs Basilica
St. Marc's Basilica
photo by: asturjimmy