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Ruined Castle in Galway, Ireland.

We bussed from Cork to Galway to see the cliffs of Moher.  However by the time we got there we couldn't get to the cliffs.  So note if you want to see the cliffs of Moher make sure you get there very early.  Instead we walked around some and ended up taking a River Cruise.  Seeing locals swimming in the river and old castles along the way. 

Afterwards we ran to catch a bus to Dublin.  We grabbed subway to go and a few bottles of water and ran as fast as we could to the bus.  Luckily we managed to squeeze on and get seats.  It quickly filled up and people were left waiting for the next bus an hour later.  I went to open my water and it exploded all over me.... thus we discovered that Europeans drink carbonated water.  Gross.  We both tried to remove the carbination from the water by shaking lightly then releasing over and over again but it didn't work... it just made it worse.... oh well.   The country side was beautiful and we saw many ruined castles along the way.

 We arrived late in Dublin and had no clue where to go to our hostel.  I had a small little print out and address but we coudln't find it.  Some locals tried to help but they kept sending us in oposite directions.  We were becoming frustrated.  A local guy saw us and offered to help... we first stopped at this strip club and waited outside.... he went in to ask his friend where it was.  Then he walked us there and checked us in... it was kinda awkward that he waited until we were checked in before leaving but we were greatful for his help.  Then we crashed in our very spacious room.

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Ruined Castle in Galway, Ireland.
Ruined Castle in Galway, Ireland.
photo by: AleksandraEa