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"Native" menu list

We flew via Phillipine Airlines from Manila to Tagbilaran airport and arrived around 10am, then, we had to wait for like 20mins to get our luggage as the luggages were manually brought to the conveyor by a single airport staff.  While waiting, we noticed that a small "purse size" something was dropped in the conveyor, probably, falling out of one opened luggage and we joked about it being the smallest luggage :P

Upon opening my mobile, I received numerous text messages from our tour guide/driver, Mang Edgar who is patiently waiting for us outside the airport for which I told him about our situation - still waiting for our luggages.  After we finally got our luggages, which were second to the last ones placed in the conveyor :P, we went out to the exit gate and immediately saw Mang Edgar holding a "placard" with my name written on it :) 

Considering the time of our arrival in Tagbilaran, I already contracted Mang Edgar to bring us to Bohol Bee Farm for lunch before bringing us to our resort, Bohol Beach Club.

The salad with edible flowers
  we arrived quite early for breakfast and we had time to first have a look around the place and their souvenir shop while our guide reserve a table for us with the nice view of the ocean :)  We enjoyed our hearty and healthy lunch there starting with a delicious and flowery salad.  We ordered some buko juice for drinks and seafood (crab and fish) with rice for our main dishes.  Afterwards, we ordered a refreshing dessert, halo-halo :)  We were like kids as we ride the hammocks and had some fun pictures taken.  After having some fun, we went to our patiently waiting driver/guide who advised us.  There is a tour around the farm for a minimal fee of P20 but we chose to skip it :) 

I also asked Mang Edgar to include Hinagdanan cave (part of city tour) to be included in our countryside tour the following day.

buko fruits. I have the heart shaped one - very appropriate :)
  However, he recommended we do it that day because the countryside tour schedule might get too crowded already :)  We agreed and we were pleasantly surprised with the beauty of the cave.  There is a cool water inside the cave that was so inviting and we can't refuse it's charm that we decided to plunge even though we were not wearing our swimwear.  I was wearing a dress, but i didnt care :)  we had a few minutes dip, swimming in the pool of cool water inside the cave and had some very nice photos taken by our very good "cave guide".  Hinagdanan cave has a very minimal fee..P10/pax and we also gave some tip to our cave guide P50 for his wonderful photography services :)

Because we were soaking wet, we used the bathroom (free) near the ticketing office for hinagdanan cave so we could change to dry clothes:)  We then proceeded to check-in to Bohol Beach Club where we were greeted by able and friendly staff :)

We were quite tired and so one of my friend decided to take a nap on the hammock along the beach while we took our nap inside the comforts of our airconditioned room :)  Later, we decided to walk around and go to a neighboring beach resot, Dumaluan beach resort to have a look and compare.

  The beach shores were noticeably cleaner in Bohol Beach Club which is as expected because Bohol Beach Club is more expensive resort compared to Dumaluan which is more like a backpackers/budget friendly resort.  We had our dinner at the old grilling station of Dumaluan Beach resort to have some local feel of the place.  We also braved ourselves in buying some green mangoes paired with locally made "bagoong" or shrimp paste.  My british friend liked it after a while of eating it.  She said, it's an acquired taste and so just need a bit getting used to :)  We all enjoyed the grilled seafood and the barbequed pork and chicken which were sold as a package meal for 3 persons, just perfect for us 3.  Everything taste fresh and wonderful :) 

After our sumptuous local dinner, we went back to our resort and saw that there is a buffet dinner with some cultural show being shown.

im eating the heart out :P Yum-yum
  We took a vacant table and enjoyed watching the cultural show.  The highlight of the show is the tinikling where there is a part when the dancers invites willing guests to join them to dance tinikling.

emzie says:
makes me want to go back to Bohol...lovely place isn't it?
Posted on: Oct 17, 2011
Charmink says:
Good choice on Bohol Bee Farm. I so miss Bohol!
Posted on: May 14, 2010
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Native menu list
"Native" menu list
The salad with edible flowers
The salad with edible flowers
buko fruits.  I have the heart sha…
buko fruits. I have the heart sh…
im eating the heart out :P  Yum-yum
im eating the heart out :P Yum-yum
Go Greek, give some cool air comfo…
Go Greek, give some cool air comf…
Hinagdanan cave
Hinagdanan cave
Natural light coming through the c…
Natural light coming through the …
swimming in Hinagdanan cave
swimming in Hinagdanan cave
Hammock in the beachfront of Bohol…
Hammock in the beachfront of Boho…
Fooling around :P
Fooling around :P
The beachfront of Bohol Beach Club
The beachfront of Bohol Beach Club
Fresh seafood choices at the grill…
Fresh seafood choices at the gril…
Grilling station of Dumaluan Beach…
Grilling station of Dumaluan Beac…
The dining area of the grill stati…
The dining area of the grill stat…
My friend liking the green mangoe …
My friend liking the green mangoe…
photo by: ted332