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Well I made it! I am in St. Louis!! It was a bumpy ride... literately. The plane ride in was a bit traumatic. I don't do well on planes anyways and the ride through storm infested skies was not exactly how I envisioned  my grand entrance into the Midwest. I did however get my own row on the plane. Knowing there was no one next to me to throw up on eased my churning stomach. The turbulence was due a butt end of a storm front that was moving through the city. Rain, suitcases, sandals, and public transportation don't mix well. I looked a fool wheeling my two suitcases around the train platform waiting around for the metro line.
I had no problem locating the metrolink line or navigating the trains, however I got a few good stink eyes from some local Cardinals fans. Around the third stop my quiet metro car was inundated with 60 year old cardinals fans. All of them sporting their cardinal gear, flocking about in a big red mass entered the train looking for a place to sit. My bench, at first glance gave, the impression of having a welcome open seat. Unfortunately that empty seat was occupied by one of my suitcases. I was given major stink eye by quite a few of those little red bird groupies. I put on my best "too bad... snooze you loose" smile.
After switching trains and arriving at the train station I called a cab. I was over the public transportation thing. Also I was staying with a friend at her condo, a condo I had never been to. She was working at the time as well. So recap; I have never been to her place before, it is raining cats and dogs, I am in a strange city, I'm wheeling around two suitcases, and she not even home when I arrived. I figured giving the address to a cabbie would assure I arrived at the correct place. I didn't want to get arrested for trying to break into the wrong apartment.
West of the Mississippi in the Western part of the city is a nice community known as Clayton. This area is chic and ritzy for the professional and working crowd. Tree lined streets are filled with happy little eateries and bistros and trendy apartments and condos are dotted all over the place. I wouldn't necessarily call this a suburb, it is more of a new and trendy extension to an exciting old city. My friend lives on the northern border of Clayton in a great non cookie cutter condo. I think it will be a great home base while staying in St. Louis.
Later in the day after a nap and a warm post-work welcome from Dr. Bowes, we decided to grab some sushi for dinner. It took me a long time to appreciate sushi of any kind. Fish that is not cooked can be scary to certain types of food virgins. I have since become more adventurous however, and sushi is now a must eat while traveling. We were able to walk up the road in Clayton to a small sushi joint called Wasabi. The sign outside boasted a "great happy hour," so we got a japanese brew and started checking off rolls on the order sheet. The sushi literately came in a bamboo boat, which, being the dork that I am, was a fun added bonus. We ordered spicy tuna and teryaki chicken, but we also ordered the Wasabi special. This roll came out with crispy tempura and a decadent spicy sauce. It was fantastic.
Tired from traveling, we headed back to the condo, and after a little driving tour of the Forest Park area, we beached on the couch. I was convinced to watch part of the first season of Dexter. We downloaded season one to the Roku box, and all else is now history. I have watched four episodes and I'm hooked.

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