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A super bike

I finally had arrived in Amsterdam having taken small roads all the way since the German border; I had not been in hurry and I just wanted to take it very easy. I had driven all the way using my GPS to avoid the highways and it had been really nice.

I arrived in the city centre at the end of the rush hour but I had no problem in getting to the hotel Jupiter which I had booked for the coming two nights before I had to drive back to Copenhagen again on the Queens Day; because I had to attend my brother’s birthday in Estepona in Spain May 1st. I found a parking just in front of the hotel and went in and was met by a nice lady behind the counter.

She found my booking and talked a lot about the neighbourhood; she also wanted the fee for the coming two days in advance.

Ready to ride!
It was not possible to pay with a credit card but she was in no hurry I could take my time to find the cash.

She showed me to the elevator to my room that was on the fourth floor in the neighbouring house. My room was nice but very small; there was a queen size bed and it took almost all space in the room but there was a cozy feel about the room still. I left my stuff in the room and went down to find an ATM together with some coins for the parking meter that only tool coins. This turned out to be a nightmare.

I found my an ATM but finding coins was impossible I could maximum get 10 euro in coins after having visited 3 places; nobody wanted to change coins. I went back to the hotel and paid the bill of the hotel and went out again to find some coins. I started to go in to some bars and buy one beer with a note. This turned also out to be a quite farfetched plan.  I went back and put all the money in the meter that I had received and it would only take me to 9 pm.

My street in Amsterdam
I gave up!

I walked around in the neighbourhood and decided to have my dinner in a place that was just opposite of the hotel; Ciro Passami L'olio.

As I entered I naturally looked at the food that was served on the other tables and it was promising and the atmosphere was real Italian; lively, loud and nice. Not quite like a Fellini movie, but almost there; to me Fellini was a master in showing daily life. After having seen the senses in bloom I decided to have a good meal; I was not in hurry or anything so I decided to opt for something good.

I ordered a Peroni and I recognized the smile; I had ordered an Italian beer that was not on the menu. I was accepted, the table thing was gone. He explained the todays and decided to take the lamb he suggested.

I looked at the menu and decided to go red from the start. The lamb would fit and the bresaola looked nice too. Then there were the wine; I usually would have gone for the Barolo but being alone, I decided for a Chianti Classico Brolio from 2007.

I forgot that I was in Holland; I had already placed almost a 100 euro order, and I was getting interested in their cheese plate as dessert.

Inside there were a lot of small two person tables; they looked quite nice and they were not crowded next to each other. I don’t know if it was a reflection of irony slash sarcasm or support that there were 3 pictures of one of the most corrupt figures in Italy; Berlusconi on the wall that couldn’t be seen from the street. The paintings had nice colours but they should have been used for dart board.

After the great meal I went back to the hotel and called it a night.

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A super bike
A super bike
Ready to ride!
Ready to ride!
My street in Amsterdam
My street in Amsterdam
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