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We stopped by the casino in the Imperial Palace to try our hand at the slot machines. Again. I skipped out eventually to try the blackjack machines and even managed to win $3. Woohoo. Yeah, big winner.


We headed out on the strip to get a glimpse of…everything. We were staying just down from the Bellagio so we stopped by to see the fountains. Then we went inside to play a few more slot machines. Outside again and we people-watched as we made our way back to the hotel. We’d planned on going out again a bit in the eve but never made it. Another early night for another long day on the morrow.


We checked out at 11 the next day and dropped our bags at the bellhop.

A few more blackjack machines to try to recoup the few dollars we’d lost but it was to no avail. At 12:15 we headed to the Mack King Comedy Magic Show that was to start at 1. We got some nice seats in the third row right in front of the stage and settled in for the show. It didn’t disappoint. Combining some brilliant magic tricks with lots of laughter, we had a great time taking it all in. Until the last 20 minutes or so…. Then he asked what time it was. And my watch was shining in the spotlight. Oh no. Sure enough, I get pulled up on stage and asked if I had a 100 dollar bill. Uh oh.


He gave me a marker and told me to scrawl my name across the bill and show it to everyone, which I did. Then he put it in one of four envelopes, shuffled them around, and I had to choose one. I did, put it in my back pocket, and then he preceded to burn the other three. Ah, what?!


After the other three envelopes had been reduced to ash, he had me choose a card out of the deck. I choose a 7 of diamonds and showed it to the crowd before sliding it back in. He put the deck away then told me to take out the envelope I had chosen. I did and inside was that 7 of diamonds! He then handed me a toy phone and told me to unscrew the ear piece. I did and inside was my $100 dollar bill.

Absurd. I have no idea how my $100 bill was pulled out of the envelope, refolded, and stuck behind the ear piece of a phone he pulled out of a suitcase in front of my very eyes. I was standing right beside him watching the entire time!


After the show I got a picture and autograph from Mr. Mack King and tried to figure out what to do with the $100 bill with my name written across it in permanent marker. None of the machines in the casino would take it so I resigned myself to trying to exchange it at a bank back home. Or keeping it for a nifty (albeit, expensive) souvenir. Have to see.


After walking around for a few hours Ji and I were absolutely exhausted. It’d been a long, exciting few days but we were ready to head home. Our flight wasn’t until 1:45 in the am so we still had some time to kill. We got to the airport around 7 and crashed out on the seats until time to leave.


And then an inkling of what was to come. We sat on the tarmac for an hour as a mechanic had to come check out some faulty valves. We finally left and arrived in Memphis at 7:30 in midst of a mini hurricane. Come time for our flight to Nashville and we were duly informed 15 minutes before hand that our flight was canceled.

Oh. Crap. Our rebooked seats were for the next day, so Ji and I decided we’d just rent a car and drive to Nashville.


Until I called 3 different rental agencies and was quoted prices ranging between $170-330. Ouch, plus that mini hurricane has morphed into flash flooding and tornados, so a quick call home confirmed it might be best to just spend the night in Memphis and try the flight the next day. I went back up to the airline counter to tell them I’d keep that next day flight and was happily informed that some spots had freed up on the 6 pm flight that night. Great! Just 8 hours to go…..


We finally left and within 30 minutes were descending into Nashville. From my window I noticed huge stretches of interstate closed and then heard about the flooding that closed roads throughout Nashville. Wow. It’s the storm that doesn’t end.


And that would continue on through the next day as record rains pummeled Mid Tennessee and rivers broke records as they continued to rise. Hundreds of roads and houses were flooded and rescues were going on throughout the day and night.

1,500 people were evacuated from the Opryland Hotel as the Cumberland River breached its banks and surged upwards. Happy to get back home when we did but distraught at the carnage surrounding us, Ji and I tried to recoup a bit from the trip. It was certainly one to remember.


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Las Vegas
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