Day 7 - Cevapcici!!!

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Our overnight train pulled into Zagreb station at 6am and we hastily made our way to Fulir Hostel as it was rainy and cold. Quite a difference to the weather we had on the first 6 days of the trip. The hostel was perfectly situated not far up a small street just off the main square. We were told that check in wasn't until 10am so we headed out again to find somewhere to wait for a while.

The only place open so early that was close by was McDonalds so we ventured in and had breakfast before moving onto a little cafe that opened a little later. To pass the time we ordered a couple of coffees each and had the usual World Cup chat. We were intrigued by something on the menu called slag, so we opted for one each.

We were both convinced that it was a biscuit or something but the waitress told us we couldn't have it without also buying another coffee, so we did. And the slag turned out to be whipped cream!

We never pre-booked a bed at the hostel and were told that they had only enough beds for us for one night. However, in the end, they laid out mattresses for us so we could stay for 3 nights. Got to recommend this hostel if you're going to Zagreb, the 2 guys that run it are hilarious and helpful in equal measure. We checked in and caught up on our sleep before heading out for some lunch. We were advised to try a place close by that served up Cevapcici. Its mixed ground meat, beef, lamb and pork I think, grilled and seasoned and served with bread and was absolutely delicious.

Sightseeing took a back seat today, we only wandered around a little and just took photos of nice looking buidings.

 We were more interested in watching a couple of World Cup games along with a bit gambling. We found a nice little bar to watch the Holland vs Serbia game and switched bars for a rather lacklustre game between Mexico and Iran. The beer was nice though and our favourite brand, Ozujsko Pivo, was labelled with a personal hero of mine, Dado Prso. This probably made the beer that little bit sweeter for me. We got chatting to a nice barmaid called Tamara mostly about the football before she taught us some basic Croatian.

Back at the hostel we were forced to partake of a shot of plum brandy each, as this was a requirement for anyone who stayed at Fulir Hostel! This was some strong stuff and warmed the throat as it went down. The hostel was fairly empty and so with no-one around we made our way back out and watched a couple of street performers in the main square. A mini pub crawl commenced and we searched out some nice bars but all was fairly quiet as it was Sunday night. After a hot dog each we came back to the hostel for the night to find it totally packed now. 

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photo by: EmEm