Day 39 - Chocolate Milk!

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The phone by my bedside woke me from my slumber, still in a state of intoxication, and I answered the phone with a sprightly "Morning, Brussels Pizza, how can I help"! However, I was informed by the less than happy voice on the other end of the phone that it was actually afternoon and we were well late for check out time! Whoops.

We quickly gathered ourselves together and left the hotel in a rush and headed for a sunshine burger. However, we were in a bad bad way. My head was pounding and my stomach was so fragile that it took me about 45mins to eat a little burger! Dave was no better himself. Our mood wasn't great as we were low on cash, and we were heading home over the next 2 days. Or destination was Calais, so we could get the ferry back to the UK.

We had a little wait at the train station, so stocked up on some food and opted for some chocolate milk to try and relieve the hangover. I couldn't face anything though, and instead laid down on the platform, using my bag as a pillow! Aboard the train I didn't get much better as the heat was slowly cooking me, but once I could take the chocolate milk I felt much better.

Upon arriving at Calais, we finally sought out some accommodation, not far from the beach and headed out for a walk along the waterfront and some food. We opted for a portion of chips and sausage. We were bemused by the mountain of chips we got after asking for a small portion, and not surprisingly, we couldn't finish them. Instead we decided to throw them at the gathering seagulls, to see if they could catch them in mid-flight! One seagull was perched on top of a lampost, so I threw a chip up to him, yet another seagull swooped by a grabbed it before smacking into the lampost and flying off embarrassed!

After a day of being hungover, we were glad of an early bed and some TV watching. Funnily enough, we watched a programme about David Walliams swimming the channel, in which he arrived at Calais!
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photo by: tacco14