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Waking up at roughly 7.00am on the train we were aware straight away that weren't moving again. We pulled back the curtain to find that the train was still sitting in Belgrade station!  According to our sources we should have been waking up in Budapest. After getting some clothes on we ventured out for some breakfast and to find out what was going on. The station departures board stated that our train wasn't departing until 8.30am and so we just had to grin and bear it.

So the train set off again at 8.30am and increased our journey time from 18 hours to 27 hours. By about 10.00am the sun was out and our cabin was slowly cooking us. We must have smelled so badly, it was just as well we shared the cabin with no-one else. We kept our spirits up with the usual World Cup banter and top 5's and before we knew it we had arrived at Budapest station.

The walk from the station was tough to say the least. The heat was still pounding down and our backpacks felt heavier than usual. Luckily it wasn't too far and we were accompanied for part of the walk by a funny Australian gent who ensured us the women in Hungary were the finest in all of Europe.

We arrived at the Prima hostel and literally had the best showers of our lives. Dave finally decided to lose the beard he had began growing at the start of the trip. The beard wasn't doing him any favours in this heat, but Dave being Dave decided to leave a blonde moustache for all to see. All I can say is that anyone that saw him must have thought, 'Swedish Pornstar' right away.

Dave eventually got rid of the remaining facial hair before a large group of girls from Ireland arrived at the hostel. They looked in a worse state than we had following quite a long train jouirney of their own. We headed out for a nice bite to eat at an Italian restaurant before heading back to the hostel for an early night after a long day and to watch the Spain Vs Tunisia game. An American couple were already in attendance and made for good company whilst watching the football. The same couldn't be said for another American who arrived half way through. We had to endure his borderline racism and ignorance of other cultures. He even thought that Wales was part of Scotland!

On that note we headed to our dorm to find a room full of snoring Irish girls. Nice.
alicegourmet says:
Were those Irish gals snored very loud??? LOL!
Posted on: Jun 01, 2009
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photo by: Chokk