Day 10 - A Stop In Belgrade

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Despite quite a heavy night of drinking, we awoke fairly sober and without a hangover of any note. We swung by a local market and bought a detox lunch of fruit for the long train journey ahead. After saying our goodbyes to all at the hostel we made for the train station.

Our train was fairly comfortable and sitting watching the Croatian countryside was great until we were interrupted with a change of trains. A change which we very nearly missed! Aboard the new train we continued our scenery viewing and had the usual World Cup chat. We were making our way into Serbia and when we hit the border we had to wait while officials carried out a very long passport check. We had our passports taken from us and were finally returned an hour later.

Upon arriving at Belgrade train station we had a 3 hour stop and a change of train again. We made use of the time by heading out of the station and into the city for a little look and some food. Unluckily all we could find was a McDonalds so we ventured inside and fed ourselves. Being in Belgrade was kinda like going back in time. Many buildings that stood were heavily war damaged and a greyness clouded over the city.

On our way back to the train station a car skidded alongside us as it pulled into the kerb. Out leapt a police officer and ordered us to stop. He demanded a look at our passports and asked what our intentions were and how long we planned to stay in Belgrade. Oddly, he also asked if we were carrying any drugs or weapons! After we answered his questions and showed him our train tickets he let us on our way. Once again we must have been sticking out like a sore thumb!

We boarded our new train and got into our sleeper cabin. It only cost £4 each and despite being rather cramp it looked comfy enough. We had a long journey ahead of us and so a new way to pass the time was contrived. We both set out to name our top 52 favourite celebrity women that we would love to see on a pack of cards!

Our train was due into Sofia at approx. 9am so we headed to bed for our first real overnight train journey.


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photo by: EmEm