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Siem Reap Int'l Airport
We landed safely in Siem Reap International Airport. I had to go to the lavatory after we landed thus Clark and I were the last people to deplane and when we were on the staircase, there were two Khmer ladies who kept on telling us "hurry, hurry, hurry.." So I hurried up. I walked fast and halfway from the airplane to the building, the ladies said “hurry, hurry, hurry” again. And I was like, men wt..? Why is she herding us? Did I stop? I am already in a hurry and besides the Siem Reap Int’l airport is small I wouldn’t get lost in it, why the hurry?

I was snapped out from my thoughts when the other lady yelled “hurry hurry” again!! Whats wrong with these people? I am walking towards the building and I have short legs so apparently I have shorter strides but I was hurrying infact I was skedaddling already.
It blew my mind how the airport personnel were all in a rush. I’ve seen people taking pictures why they only bugging us?

Their airport is pretty with nice Khmer structure and I couldn’t even pause briefly to take it all in. All I got were several stolen shots of their building and my friend Clark when we were both hurriedly walking towards baggage claim. Strange.

Going through immigration was a breeze. Without any questions or even a glance at our passports, it was readily stamped. In a hurry eh? I told you so. We had our bags in a second and almost run outside with the words “hurry-hurry” chasing after us. Strange? I know.

Outside, it wasn’t difficult to spot the tuktuk driver who was assigned to pick us up. The word DINNISH couldn’t be missed and I knew that it was me the hostel was referring to.
I have to smile because the Khmer name they picked for me wasn't so bad.. Infact, I liked it! The driver was already smiling at me without me waving at him or pointing at myself because yeah I was busy taking a picture of his signboard.

I was about to introduce myself but he immediately turn away and walked quickly to his tuktuk. Clark and I without words, followed suit. I asked myself, is this one of the Khmer culture? Why are they all in a hurry? Is it going to be hotter than it already is? Is that why they were all in a hurry because they have be somewhere or inside their homes before the unbearable heat strikes? or Are they going to evaporate if they linger a bit? I was really talking to my myself wondering endlessly why all of them are in so much of a rush.
Are the words relax, take it slow ever existent? I wanted so much to ask the tuktuk driver but then he doesn’t speak English and I guess it would be rude to ask them about it anyway.. So I shut up and with my rhino and camera lagged in my shoulder I skedaddled after Clark who already was posing with my DINNISH signboard. Nice.

Just as I got seated, the tuktuk set off. WOW. I still couldn’t get used to this fast paced life. I was still amazed at how people moved this fast as if a bomb is going to set off if they are going to slow down or more so, stop moving for a second. Again, weird. As we were moving I vainly tried to get some snapshots of the airport with the moving vehicle. I was bummed because I couldn’t get a decent shot. I complained for a minute then the next thing I knew, we were already out of the airport and a hot, very hot wind was burning my face.
. Clark then kept on complaining how hot it was. We laughed briefly as its something new for us. It felt like we were cooking in a dirty kitchen blowing on the coals, only we weren't. It was amusing but it didn’t last long as it also fries the brain and when it does, you’ll get one, I mean TWO cranky people.

However, we decided that it was still too early {in the trip} to be irritated so rather than minding the heat and getting cranky I busied myself taking pictures of the high end hotels we passed. They were all lovely. I wish I can stay in one of those someday.
nomaden says:
ha? unsay sugnod oi! :P tungod sa ka-init? or ikaw akong ge sugnuran? wa ko ka gets dah! :P loading... patay!
Posted on: May 06, 2010
clark_robinson says:
Dennie: "wa sugnod dra?" ^_^
Posted on: May 05, 2010
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Siem Reap Intl Airport
Siem Reap Int'l Airport
Siem Reap
photo by: genetravelling