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Monica and I agreed on a 430AM rendezvous at the lobby to see the sunrise at 5:20AM in Angkor Wat.

I woke up early or should I say, I was awake all night so apparently waking up early was something I was not reluctant to do because I was just awake anyway. So I hurriedly jumped out of bed and onto the bathroom.

I spent more hours in the shower getting the coldness I needed from the water. It was so refreshing I don't want to stop. I've never craved for water like the way I craved for it in Siem Reap. But then I had to think that maybe its past 5AM already so I had to stop bathing. I sluggishly toweled and went outside determined to piss off Clark. Sounds like a plan.

I budged Clark to tear himself away from bed and take his turn in the shower because we are so late for our rendezvous already. haha! Bully! :D Nah, Clark needs some bullying because if you’ll just leave him according what he wants then both of us are going to be doomed because apparently we are going to be late for everything. I was lil ruthless calling him every after one minute until he can no longer take it, he woke up. Poor kid. I love to dally too but I always make conscious effort to be on time when I am travelling or when I plan to go with Non-Filipinos. I don't want them to get the first hand experience of what's Filipino time with me. :P

It didn't take long, Clark came outside panting.. hahaha! He said it was so hot inside and that he can barely breathe.
.. well, I know! I've showered ahead of you and I don’t breathe with my arsehole. The accumulated body heat + carbon dioxide got trapped inside the bathroom and with the exhaust fan not working, I'm sure its pretty suffocating inside. :) I continued getting ready while Clark, without shame, went outside the room to I don't know where wearing only his boxers to get some air. Eww. Haha!

At exactly 4:40AM we were downstairs at the lobby waiting for Monica and our tuktuk driver. I expect our tuktuk driver to be earlier than us because usually locals woke up way way earlier than the tourist. But then he was no where to be found. So I seated in front of the PC tweeting and reading Angkor Wat travel blogs. It was already 10 past 5am and Monica has not come down either which was okay because I know that she was so tired because she was awake for more than 24 hours and she isn't used to it.
I presumed that she did not hear her alarm and overslept like any of us would when we are too tired and sleep deprived so I planned on waking her up when the tuktuk driver arrives.

I was more worried at the tuktuk driver who did not show up. I emailed Soryar and asked if his brother was still coming. Then I waited for another 10 minutes, then 20 minutes until I became to anxious to sit still. I went outside the gate only to see our tuktuk driver waiting for us. Great! We were both waiting at each other.. Whoaaa! What happened to meeting at the middle? I asked the care taker if there was a tuktuk driver who asked for me the moment I got down but he said there was none. The driver could have saved us both the time by asking the care taker who was stationed outside to go and get me the moment he arrived.

Nonetheless sleep deprived that I was, I didn't lose my temper. I was still in good spirits. He was very apologetic and very smiling it was enough for me to keep my current dispostion. Infact I was infected and I kept on saying sorry and smiled the best I can so he wouldn’t also feel stupid at just waiting outside when infact he saw us by the computer station. After all the {almost} endless apologies and bowing, I asked Clark to knock on Monica's door while I went back to our room which is 4 stair landings away to get the camera that he forgot to bring.

Monica arrived shortly after me and I was right to assume that she didn't hear her alarm. She felt terrible that she didn't wake up on time. It took long before we have convinced her that it was totally alright with us.
Oh thats not a palm tree. That's Clark!
Both Clark and I have serious waking up issues hence we both have HUGE tolerance when people can't be on time. In the first place, we are from a country that doesn't know what American time is. Filipino time means later than you can imagine.. Two hours late is still considered early {yea, that terrible}. So we really don't mind waiting.. not a bit or not at all. :) But to put Clark on the limelight again, I just come next to him when the subject is TARDINESS. Cause if our jobs were too stringent on tardiness, we would have been jobless a long time ago! :D

Uhmm, sorry I digress.


We headed down to get our temple passes which by the way confused me for a day whether I'd get the 1 day or the 3 day pass. We are only going to be in Siem Reap for two full days and the next day we are only seeing one temple that requires the pass.
Too zoom out.. let's zoom in..
Clark is very indecisive so there was no use asking him. I did though but with his answer I got more confused than I ever was. Haha! Well, spending $40 on other things was very very tempting. But then again, I was there for the temples and not for some other material things so at the same moment, I f*** off and bought Clark and I the 3days passes. Yeah!!! Rock on! :)

It was no longer dark when we arrive in Angkor Wat.. At first I thought we missed the sunrise and I have to tell myself that it was alright. And that I've seen so many photos of it so maybe it wasn't so different personally. When I have accepted that we missed it and when I was truly, as in positively okay that I miss it, I walked and went inside the gateway to the temple to explore more of the building structure and boom.
Oppss.. too big.. lets zoom out.
. There it was.. The sun shining like it always is.. small orange, lighting up the grey sky. It was lovely.

I was torn. I just wanted to sit at one area, stare and space out at it but the other half of me wants to move around and take gazillion of photos. I was able to do both though but the standing still and the feeling of the place as the sun slowly rises beyond the temples was done very briefly. I saw some people doing just that. And wow, how envious I was. I managed to mimic one guy though, sitting unperturbed at his location just looking at the sun and ruminating at things I would know nothing of and at the very moment I did that, I felt ZEN. It was almost magical. My thoughts ran to the years down the lane digging for the lessons heard/learned about Buddhism and Hinduism and my mind pluck out that vague pictures from years ago of Rama and Ramayana with the pretty apsara dancers going about the temples and placed it into what I was seeing before my eyes.
hmm better? :D

The temple was pack with people.. really pack with people in different races.. they are pretty to look at too that was why I don't wonder why Clark had a hard time looking up. I figure that he hasn’t seen so many WHITE blue/green/hazel/eyed people at one place at one given time. I have to wake him up from his trance and yell at him that he is not there to people watch but to see the sunrise. He laughed and I said that there will still be a lot of time for that. Something he has to get use to :)

In fairness to Clark, I also like to "people watch" but with the number of mankind Angkor gathered within its ground tends to get so dizzying so I ignored ALL of them and just minded the sun and the three Angkor Wat towers. I could tell you that you could almost be transported to Ancient times. Such peace.
nomaden says:
Thanks Carol. Have a great time in Siem Reap :)
Posted on: May 12, 2010
mytrot says:
Beautiful! I am going in one month. I can't wait!
Posted on: May 12, 2010
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Oh thats not a palm tree. Thats C…
Oh thats not a palm tree. That's …
Too zoom out.. lets zoom in..
Too zoom out.. let's zoom in..
Oppss.. too big.. lets zoom out.
Oppss.. too big.. lets zoom out.
hmm better? :D
hmm better? :D
Me and Monica
Me and Monica
Siem Reap
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