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After a considerably lazy start (not getting out of bed until 11am) we finally got going and decided to wrap up the sights we hadn't seen yesterday starting with the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, which was an interesting 2 hours if Latvian history interests you. It covers mostly the Soviet occupation in 1940 and the Nazi occupation until 1944 and then the Soviet re-occupation until the Fall of Communism in 1991. Offers an insight into how Latvia was predominatly strong-armed by both nations and how it's citizens were displaced all while trying to keep the idea of an independant Latvian state alive. Needless to say, this would not come about until 1991. An interesting feeling I got from the museum was that the hatred was stronger towards the Soviets than the Nazi's, something of an unsual feeling in Europe as in most countries Hitler's regime is signifigantly more vilified than any other, whereas here it was the reverse.

The general feeling seemed to be that both were horrendous but at least Facist Germany didn't destroy the Lativan economy and allowed local buisnesses to function, to an extent, whereas the Communists offered nothing of the sort. But there didn't seem to be the sort of 'Western Betrayal' vibe that I got when visiting Polish museums. Perhaps they never believed the Atlantic Charter would reach that far into the east in the first palce? Food for thought.

Afterwards we headed to the House of the Blackheads, a museum about the house were Dutch traders who never married lived in Riga. But it was closed so that was that.

Essentially we spent the rest of the day stopping in various pubs/bars whilst trying to tick off everything on the tourist map, such as the House of Cats and a few churches.

I can think of nothing else of worth that afternoon, besides our great personal conversations which are probably of little interest to you. And I'm not telling you anyway. Private, innit. So that takes us up to dinner, to have which we decided to go to a medievil resturant in Riga's old toiwn centre, near Dome Square. That was brillant and one of my favourite parts of the holiday but I'll review that seperately so I'll not repeat myself there. The rest of the night we spent in various bars and to be honest, my memory stops there.

And so does this chapter.

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