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I have to admit, I love this online community! I find myself spending more time on TravBuddy.com than any other friend community I have a profile on. The last time I checked my myspace page was about three weeks ago and face book well I have it on my cell phone so I get a message here and there and respond to comments but I don’t spend as much time as I do here on TravBuddy.com It is real exciting to think of a community of like minded people who all have the same interests as one another all being able to share their travel experiences give feedback on destinations, restaurants and more. We can all share our experiences good or bad and it really does help. One of the best parts is we can meet up with travbuddy’s that are at the same destination we are currently visiting. When we get back home we can update our profiles and talk about our TravBuddy meet up and the experience we had. This is a truly amazing site! I love my TravBuddy site! I bow to Eric and David Bjorndahl for coming up with such a awesome community! Thank you guys very very much!

Namaste, Victor Junior

RyanCorrea says:
I fully endorse what you've said. This is the only site I spend and reasonable amount time on. :)

This is the line at the end of all my mails BTW -

Oh yeah and more importantly - I don’t have a FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter or LinkedIn account because I don’t particularly want to be found. I only keep in touch with people that I truly value, and I wonder if those friends really know that :)
Posted on: May 05, 2010
vulindlela says:
I am also wit you!
I am on Facebook once a week at best but I am on Travbuddy everyday!
Posted on: May 04, 2010
montecarlostar says:
I agree with you Victor. I am not in too many social networks but TB is BY FAR my favorite. I spend much more time here than in all the other ones together. Cheers!
Posted on: May 04, 2010
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