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I´m in my local internet place and have 15 minutes left on the clock. There is no air conditioning here, only an open door and I´m clammy in every possible place on my body. Lovely. Class was a lot better today and I only embarrased myself once when the teacher asked me a relatively simple question and I froze and couldn´t answer for a painfully long time; with the expression of a Miss World contestant being asked to discuss politics.

The afternoon was pretty relaxed as I decided to hide from the heat for most of it. I bought a few more supplies from Dia Supermaket and actually made a meal for the first time, up until now I have just been making simple sandwiches. Pasta, oil, strange tough goats cheese and tomatos for me today. A feast. I´ve noticed that my appetite has vanished since arriving here and I think its the sun (which I´m blaming for everything). The idea of sitting down and having a big meal is kind of sickening. When will I have a massive roast again?

Whoever lived in the apartment before me left a few books behind and this afternoon, relaxing on the sofa and avoiding my homework, I picked up Angela´s Ashes for a read. 80 pages later and its safe to say I´m enjoying it. I have a few Spanish magazines around and it takes me about half an hour to read one page and I´m wondering if its a good idea to get my brain into Irish mode when I´m trying to submerge myself in Spanish but I´m sure its fine. It ´reminds me of happy times at my Nana´s neighbours house or my aunts in Ireland eating bread and butter, drinking tea and talking about Biddy Shean and Michael Collins. I´ve been sleepy all afternoon too but I´m just incapable of taking a siesta. Espresso it is then. Off to a bar and maybe a club later so I´d best start drinking now. Have also discovered Tinto de Verano; 1 euro at the Flamenco bar the other day. ¡Salut! 

ytseliam says:
Good to see an inability to nap is a family trait.

By the way, what in the blue hell is the upside down question mark about? Hope you're enjoying yourself.

p.s. I finished uni. loldepressing.
Posted on: May 21, 2010
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