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are what I was wearing when I wrote my last entry methinks. Or perhaps my brain was malfunctioning from mild sunstroke. Turns out that learning another language is very hard and I seem to instantly forget everything I learn. It doesn´t help that all the Spanish speak English so well and everyone at school from other countries also speaks English rather than their native language; leaving me feeling like a total dumdum.

However, Sevilla is still beautiful and I am finally able to get to and from my house without getting lost. I also experienced Sangria at 1AM at an outdoor table and felt cool for the first time since I got here. The heat is relentless and I´m not sure how many more freckles my body is able to produce. Yesterday we went to the Alcazar which is totally beautiful and opulent.

It is really a lovely place to go with sprawling gardens, pools and arabic tiling and ceilings. Well worth a visit. In the evening I met people from my college at a bar on the Almeda de Hercules which is a really fun open area with plenty of activity. It is where the taxi driver dropped me and a fellow Brit I met at the airport and it felt like I´d landed in Spain headfirst. there was live music, thousands of people and sweltering heat at 9 at night. Truely, I was not in Kansas anymore.

Anyway the tutors took us to a small obscure bar/venue stuffed with grumpy locals and small stage in the middle of the room. We had a night of traditional Spanish guitar, singing and Flamenco. ¿Que guay! I can see perhaps why they are so proud of their tradition here. The Flamenco was amazing. Sexy, crazy, angry, beautiful and everything in between. I loved it. It was a pleasure to watch. I had perhaps been a little snooty about the absessions with bulls and Flamenco dancers, thinking it a little tacky and verging on kitsch, but after watching it I completely understand their passion. I would go again in a hearbeat.

Must dash, my time is nearly up and I don´t want to pay anymore at this internet cafe than I have to. Besides, I have plenty of homework to be getting on with :(

Speak later, whoever may be reading this.


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photo by: JP-NED