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Girona from the hostel rooftop
Please excuse the title. And please excuse the fact that I am actually in Barcelona and have been for the last 2 hours or so. Sorry. I left Girona this morning and its hot and the fan in this internet place doesn´t seem to be helping much but so far this is the cheapest internet place I´ve found in all Spain.

So last time we spoke I do believe it was before the Spain V Holland match. ¡¡¡¡Que Viva España!!!!! How fantastic that they won. I celebrated in true English style by getting horribly drunk and having an excruciating 3 1/2 hour coach ride to Zaragoza on Monday. The first hour was spent fanning myself and trying to figure out what to do if I felt the need to be sick as it was the only coach I´ve been on so far without a toilet. I concluded the plastic folder that I was fanning myself was the best option. Thank God I didn´t have to go down that route in the end. I have to say that I´m glad I only spent one night in Zaragoza. I´m sure if you explored it a little more it would be fine but in all honesty it was hot, small, not very pretty and felt a little strange. Definitely not a touristy spot though and I enjoyed having a slither of tortilla in a dingy cafe with the locals chatting about the football. There is also a nice fruit and veg market though I did spot a man smoking over his fish stall. Yummy. The hostel was ok though the room smelled like feet, but thank God I managed to wash my clothes which had grown feet and were walking by themselves after the insanity of Pamplona.

Girona was lovely. Small but very pretty and I used it as a base to make some day trips. I saw Figueres for the Dali museum which was interesting, a pretty tacky beach called Blanes and yesterday I saw Cadaquez and had wanted to visit only because an ex colleague of mine suggested I see it. I´m glad I did; it was very beautiful and I went with a new friend from the hostel and we literally left our belongings on the rocks, in an area you have to climb to get to so it feels like you are the first to discover it, and went swimming in the clear sea. It was heaven. I have been lucky enough to sample quite a few lovely beaches and seas but this is up there with one of the best. Once you get past all the rocks and seaweed you feel as if you´ve earned the right to swim in such beautiful water. It is a romantic, lovely little seaside town but it can´t help but feel a litle touristy.

So now I´m back in Barcelona though far away from anywhere I visited during my holiday here 2 years ago. I´m only here for 2 nights then off to meet my brother and venture to Valencia. I loved Barcelona last time I was here and sure I will again but the first day is always tough, after lugging your belongings around, finding where you are staying and flopping onto your bunk bed. I´ve found though that I always end up feeling settled and then I´m off again; there is always a twinge of sadness when I pack my bag and leave. The hostel is nice and has air conditioning but nothing matches the hostel in Granada. Also, there is no washing machine here and I´m starting to fantasise about having a nice clean towel that doesn´t taste of sea water. I will buy some food and figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Barcelona is hot and noisy and some people hate it and everyone warns you about the pickpockets etc, but I´ve had an amazing time here in the past. Also, I have yet to have a bad experience with a local. As an old lady on the bus in San Sebastian told me, "Siempre pregunta" (Always ask - this was after I missed my stop in San Seb) and she is right. Everyone will go out of their way to help and point you to the place. A man in Zaragoza was even going to google the directions for me. There is danger everywhere you go in the world but more often that not, everyone is nice and these things always turn out well in the end.
Gemma_B says:
Its not too bad, I feel like I need a few more classes though! At least I get to have a little practice everyday, even if it is just simple things like ordering food. Still having fun here though :)
Posted on: Jul 22, 2010
jnwalsh says:
Wow Gemma, I just read your blog. Sounds like you've had some amazing adventures! How's your Spanish now?
Posted on: Jul 17, 2010
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Girona from the hostel rooftop
Girona from the hostel rooftop
photo by: anjok