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It is strange to type on a keyboard with an upside down exclamation mark! I have been here since Saturday evening and am typing this on the tourist office computer which has a gammy space bar and I´m sure limited time. Arriving on a Saturday night in the heat felt very surreal. Sevilla is, as I had been told, very beautiful and typically Spanish. There seems to be an obsession with Flamenco, Bull fighters and Religion. It was lovely to see families in their Sunday best yesterday as well as a rather noisy and crazy Catholic procession around the streets with the priest wafting insense around.

I have finished my first day of classes. The test was not as bad as I´d thought (these things rarely are) and I am in level A2 which is the band I wanted. It was rather informal, just a sheet of paper in a small classroom (I was imagining the demon headmaster in a giant hall) followed by an oral interview with a teacher.
I struggled a little as I´m not confident with speaking and then realised halfway through that my dress was on back to front. Fantastic. I also realised, as she scanned my test, that I´d written America instead of Los Estados Unidos and spelled Ingleterra wrong. Actually, I don´t even want to think about the endless spelling mistakes. I am happy to have structure and have signed up for a lot of cultural activities this week including a trip to Ronda (So far I´m 1 of 2). Yesterday was hard. I got lost in the never ending small winding streets, too frustrated with myself to appreciate their beauty and collapsed on the bed when I eventually got home with a pounding headache from the weather. I missed my family, my friends and Brighton.
In fact, I´m glad I didn´t write this yesterday as it would have been in a very different tone. These things take time, I know, so I will just have to ride it out. I´ve met new people today and am doing a tour this evening with the school. Now I need to buy supplies and get home without looking at the map 20,000 times.

I feel a lot happier today and clouds don´t seem to exist here, so it is difficult to mope about when you are surrounded by such beauty. I will write soon...

Just have to say, someone is whistling ´La Vie en Rose´ - one of my favourite songs :) Hasta luego x
Gemma_B says:
Hey there, I´m with a school called CLIC. At the moment I´m at the school in Cadiz which is really empty as its very new! It will be great in Summer but for the moment I think its too quiet. I did a month in Sevilla and loved it. Its a great city and the classes are very good too though it depends on your level. If you´re advanced then I´ve heard it can be a little slow. A friend of mine was at CLIC in Valencia and she loved it too. Afraid I don´t know about any other schools but its a great experience x
Posted on: Jun 18, 2010
jnwalsh says:
I was thinking of doing the same thing! Which school did you choose... recommended (the school / experince)?
Posted on: Jun 17, 2010
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