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So a few people from the accommodation were leaving this week and we decided to have a nice civilised do on Friday night. A few of us had to be up early for travelling home and a trip to Cordoba with the school. Famous last words. I´d like to say it was a crazy all nighter for me but its more embarassing than that. At the moment, for some reason, I have a cold. I always associate colds with winter weather so I´m a little baffled. Its not bad but the night out on Wednesday seems to have aggrevated it a little. On Friday my German housemates cooked and I felt horrible. All bunged up, sweaty, clammy face and coughing. A few Tinto de Veranos later however and whats this; a miracle cure?? I felt great! So great in fact that I didn´t hesitate in joining in with the drinking games that the Germans dragged out and doing them with Spanish sized portions of vodka and coke. Have you ever played Waterfall? Well don´t, its a killer. Anyway it was about 1 AM and we decided to go a club that I´ve heard a lot about called Antique where they have huge fish tanks and women swimming around in them. Splendid. I (dizzily) changed my top and we walked to the Almeda de Hercules to get a taxi across the river to Triana (A very pretty part of the city but I always think the name sounds like a chav baby, try it out "Triaannaaa gerrova ere!") to the club. Walking to the cab I felt fine, however, once inside the cab I realised I didn´t feel fine but in fact felt horrific. I broke out in cold sweats, started heavy breathing and, like a dog, had my head leant towards the open window for air. Once across the river I´d made up my mind that I would have collapsed if I´d attempted to go to the club so decided to go back home instead. Great. A lovely 8 euro excursion across the river and back. I got home in one piece, collapsed in all my clothes and make up superman style on top of the bed and woke up with the biggest moth hovering around my ear like a helicopter from where I´d left the balcony doors oen all night. Oh yes, and it was 8AM and I had to go to Cordoba. Groan.

Well I´m writing this the day after the trip to Cordoba and I still have a cold but feel a lot better. The 2 hour coach trip was not the most fun experience I´ve ever had and I´m sorry to always bang on about the weather but Christ Amighty Cordoba was hot. We went to the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos first which had a tiny winding staircase which would have been difficult in any circumstance, but at 40 degrees and with a banging cold/hangover it was like torture. I do hope you´re all feeling sorry for me. It was beautiful though and the gardens were lovely but I think the Alcazar in Seville is more impressive. The Cathedral in Cordoba, however, is stunning and really worth a visit. It was a good experience in all but very, very touristy and full of Gypsies. It was hard to take a photo without someone in a baseball cap getting in the way. I think I also caught the sun a bit and have moved up the colour chart from Ghost White to Milky White.

We have some new people moving in today and its my last week in Seville next week. Its really unbelieveable that it will soon be a month. Time really does fly.


mbillini says:
Your mother here, what can I say? All for the memory bank, enjoy it while you can. As long you are learning Spanish along the way that's all that matters. Cuidado, Tus Padres
Posted on: Jun 06, 2010
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