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After Huge Travbuddy Bangkok meetup, Jantima and I tried to planned another trip together. Finally we made it for our reunion meetup in Phuket. It was fun trip just two of us, had made this trip very memorable. 

We booked our flight, I flew from Kuala lumpur and J flew (not flew, i think she took bus) haha.. She took "long ride" bus to Phuket, I forgot from which part of Thailand she came from, What she told me, she gonna be late, so i have to wait her at the hotel we booked in Phuket. While waiting for her, I went our for a walked arounf Phuket, After that i walked back to my hotel, I saw a gorgeous lady sitting at the hotel lobby, waiting for me (because I went out) haha..  As soon as i arrived hotel, That's Jantima! After she left her luggage, we went for our dinner at the local stall, then off we go for a Pub crawl along the Bangla road.

It was fun! Shall we do it again, haha! We been stopped by 3 different bar for drink! Before we ended our night, we went for night snack (super spicy noodle) very spicy for me, but Jantima said (no it's not spicy, so she can have my noodle as well) hehe..  Once we done with our spicy noodle, Here's our conversation :

J: Hayley do you know where is our hotel?
Hayley : Yes ( pointed to the right)
J: Hayley no! our hotel is not there, our hotel is just opposite!!
Hayley : Are you sure, no our hotel is not there ( Then i looked properly, yes our hotel just opposite of where we sitting ) lol

And... we reached our room, I ran to the toilet, I was so drunk and (I was doing what drunk people do) haha.. Jantima asked, hayley are you ok?! Yes am ok, i came out from toilet and Her turned! haha.

.  Then we go back to our bed and sleep!

March18, 2014
This day was the most interesting day! J rented a bike and ride around Phuket. She's a workaholic, whenever she travel mean working for her lol. OK, she rented a bike, she told me she wanted to look for her customer in Karon or Kata beach, i forgot. So she was riding the bike, she has no idea where is the Karon/Kata beach, we kept passing by same road , Everytime we passed by same road, I think we just passed by this road just now! lol... Then we got caught by the police traffic. After lost for one hour i think and both got beautiful tanned skin :p We finally stopped by some beach for lunch and she thought we have arrived (the beach she been looking) unfortunately not the one haha.. 
Once we finished our lunch, we drove back to our hotel and returned the bike to the shop. Then J recommended me, that we shoud go to Promthep cape for sunset.  Another conversation :

J: Hayley let's go watch sunset at Promthep cape?
Hayley: What?
J : Promthep Cape!
Hayley: What cape?
J: Prom-thep Ca-pe!

I think she almost wanted to slapped me, for having her repeating so many times, hahahah! Thanks for the patience sis! x 


hayley_phoon says:
It bring smile to me too! we had great time together, even though it just a short trip!
Posted on: Jun 11, 2015
TravChef says:
Our adventure only bring a smile to me.
Posted on: Jun 11, 2015
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