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I've always wanted to check out Pismo Beach and see what the fuzz was all about.  Me and my friends decided to do a quick daytrip, first city we were going to hit up was Pismo, followed by Solvang.  It's a 2 and a half hour drive from the  central valley to the central coast.  We left around 8 in the morning, and got there just after 10.  The weather was really nice at this time, but I always say, it can't get any worse than Fresno weather.  

I'm not an expert on beaches or anything, or perhaps I'm just misinformed of where to find pristine beaches with pristine crystal clear blue ocean water like you see in parts of Hawaii, the Carribean islands, Fiji, or the Maldives just as an example, granted I haven't been to those places listed, would like to someday though.

 But I wouldn't go swimming in Pismo beach. The water is dark blue, and practically murky, not in a dirty way. I've had the chance to check out Santa Cruz, and Coronado Beach in San Diego as well, and they all look the same to me.  Well there's really different types of beaches out there, but that's not my ideal type of beach I suppose.  

We spent  just a little over 2 hours around the Pismo Beach area before we got bored and decided to get something to eat.  My friend has always been raving about how awesome the bread bowl clam chowder in Pismo was.  He used to visit Pismo quite often when he went to school in Atascadero which is 30 minutes away just to get a clam chowder.  Well after  walking a bit, we decided to check out Splash Cafe by the pier, there was a bit of a long line, but it wasn't too bad.  I have to say that was the best bread bowl clam chowder I've had, way better than the crap they serve at San Francisco's fisherman wharf.

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