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Five years of college, and finally graduated in May 2006.  After I graduated I had to study for my professional board exam while working full-time.  All those days of studying for midterms writing research papers, meeting deadlines, and all the various stressors that came with college was finally over.  In a way I got bored after I graduated but felt a sigh of relief that it was all over.  What else is there to do to keep my interest.  One of the ways I handled stress was to exercise, I loved to run.  One day when I was running (this was months before I graduated), a thought lit up like a light bulb in my head.  I should do a marathon perhaps.  I went online and researched marathons in California that I could sign up for.  Then I saw the San Francisco Marathon just several months away.

  I went ahead to register for that, and paid 80 something dollars.  I still couldn't believe I signed up for a marathon.  I felt I could do it, afterall it wasn't something that one day I wanted to do.  I've been running a lot for the last few years, I think my body could handle it with a little more training.

From then on I started to train for the marathon, I even bought a road bike for cross-training exercises when I'm not running to recover and build stamina.  It felt really nice to have a goal.  Thoughts of traveling and visiting other countries outside of the United States never crossed my mind then.  When I went to college I had a goal to graduate and get a job afterwards.  Well that's checked off the list.  Now my goal at this time was to complete a full marathon; it gave me something to focus on.


I found out I passed my board exam 3 days prior to the San Francisco Marathon event.  Then that Saturday morning, my parents, brother and myself drove 3  hours to San Francisco, arrived late in the afternoon.  I went to the expo to get my marathon bag packet, which included the official SF marathon running shirt, bib number, and other goodies.  After that we checked into the Marriot Hotel located in Union Square, which is an area of San Francisco famous for it's department stores, shopping, large hotels, and China Town nearby.

I spent the evening just walking around Union Square and visited China Town.  I've read somewhere that the San Francisco China town is the biggest one outside of Asia.  I've been to San Francisco plenty of times before, and for some reason I never get sick and tired of this city.

  Perhaps because it's small and easy to get around, or it could be the beautiful cool weather which I really like.  Living in the valley with scorching heat in the summer can get uncomfortable sometimes, and I end up staying inside the house most of the time.


Day of the Marathon

I woke up early around 430 am to get ready for the marathon, ate some sandwich, and took a taxi with my folks to the starting area near the Bay Bridge.  When I got there, I could feel the energy from the other runners, and I was quite excited and calm at the same time.  My folks told me, don't force yourself to finish the marathon if your body can't handle it anymore. 

The group tier that I was in started to run after 6 am, and I must have ran for a good 45 minutes straight without stopping.

  I never studied the marathon running map, and the different running terrains I was going to encounter, and when I got to the uphill and downhill runs, and let me tell you there were plenty of them,  I was kind of overwhelmed.  But 3 and a half hours into the marathon, I felt something give away in my legs and feet, and from that point my whole legs and feet were sore and it just hurt to take steps, but I continued on along taking occasional walking breaks and drinking the provided drinks by the roadside to recuperate.

I really like the scenery in San Francisco.  We started the run near the pier area, ran through Fisherman's Wharf, Crissy Field for an amazing view of the bridge, then made our way across the Golden Gate Bridge and back, all the way to the outer Richmond residential area, before running across Golden Gate Park.

Pit stop
  I never realized before that San Francisco had such a huge park located in the very back.  Think Central Park in Manhattan, but much much much bigger.  After we crossed Golden Gate park, we made our way to the Haight and Ashbury district, Mission district, and made a full circle back to AT&T park, home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, then back to the starting line.

Finished in 5 hours and 34 minutes, just in time, because if I finished in over 6 hours, I wouldn't have gotten the medal for the event.  I was so sore afterwards, and drank some of the provided drinks and ate the snacks post-race.  It took a few days before the soreness all over my body began to fade.  But I was glad I was able to do a marathon in one of my favorite cities in the world.

What happens next is that I began working full-time at  my current job, because the world was waiting for me to just explore it, and I feel like I'm just beginning, but gotta save up money first to do that...

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Pit stop
Pit stop
Entrance to China Town
Entrance to China Town