A delayed flight and yet another sleepless night!

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We were supposed to meet P on arriving, but we were tired.. and he was not home yet... and I was wondering how I was going to manage to visit Alexandria in the 1.5 days that I had left in country.

So we just went home. S dropped dead almost instantly. And I, as usual, got online to say hello to the world :)

As luck would have it, my flight got delayed by a day, and so I now had two days left in the country. Perfect! The next morning P managed to drag himself out of bed and we decided to catch a bus to Alexandria. Just as we had finished packing and were heading out of the door, I realised that I didnt have my passport with me! The previous night, on the drive back from Sharm El Sheikh, we had handed our passports over to our driver friend because he needed to show it at various checkposts, and we were asleep for most of the drive.
And when we reached home, tired and drowsy, we didnt remember to collect the passports from him!

Frantically, we called him on his cell phone, but it was switched off – understandably. The man had driven 7 hrs straight only a few hours ago! And so, we were left with no other option but to wait it out. Traveling without my passport was too much of a risk. And so we settled down to some coffee (P makes excellent Turkish coffee!!) and some episodes of How I Met Your Mother :)

Six episodes later, our driver friend finally woke up and told us that he would come over with the passport. And so, finally, we were off to Alexandria!

The city looked like any other on our arrival. There was chaos and confusion at the bus stand.. hawkers selling yummy looking things all over. But we were short of time. And so, we hurried into another local bus that was to take us to the apartment that we had booked for the night. P had spoken to the owner and had told him that we would call him as soon as we reached Alex. Which we did. And we were asked to get to a certain place to meet the said owner. So far so good. And then everything went haywire!

We reached the designated spot and called the owner. He didnt pick up. We tried for the next half hour, but with no luck. So we decided to go grab some dinner and then try and again. Two burgers and a packet of french fries later, we had still not heard back from the guy. Panic time!
We realised that we were going to have to go find another place to stay. That doesnt sound too bad, does it? Well, it was. I found out the hard way! When a guy and a girl who are not married to one another are looking for a place to stay in Alexandria, it is close to impossible to find one. Actually, based on my experience, it IS impossible!
We asked around in a few places. But they were not willing to rent out to the two of us. Finally we stumbled upon a place where the owner was out. But the lady in charge gave us his number and asked us to call him. He charged us more than the usual price, but seemed willing to let us stay. Relieved, we dumped our bag with the lady in charge, and told her we were going to loaf around for a bit and would be back by the time the owner was home.

With that we set off to the beach.. Loitered around for a bit. P showed me a wishing well (I cant remember the name).. I refused to throw in a coin! :D

Then, we decided to go have some (what else?!) coffee! We went into a cafe and sat down and then P asked me if I would prefer to have the coffee by the sea side! Why not?! So off we went.. into another bus that took us to the sea. There we sat on concrete slabs that lined the sea shore and enjoyed the view and breeze over a lovely cup of coffee :)

There were a bunch of people fishing in the vicinity. And P being the way he is, he decided to go strike up a conversation with them. One of the fishermen seemed quite friendly and told P about the joys of fishing! He claimed that it was easier to get over women or even Marijuana, but the addiction of fishing was incurable! :D

He offered his fishing rod to us and asked us if we wanted to try! I was happy with rolling in the bait after it had been thrown. But P went ahead and tried the whole thing out. He got pretty good at it after a while! I am sure he is going to be found frequenting the coasts of Alexandria with a fishing rod soon :)

It was such a lovely feeling to be there.. in the middle of the night.. with the city lights on one side, and the endless ocean on the other... listening to the sound of the water splashing against the concrete slabs.. gurgling as it found its way around... Ah.. bliss!

The chill breeze that gave me goosebumps.... the feel of the hot coffee warm my throat.. the still waters of the Mediterranean.. still and welcoming... and yet, dark..

There's something about the ocean.. especially at night.. something inviting, and yet eerie.. Like something that houses a whole lot of secrets.. secrets that dont want to be disturbed!

:D … yeah, my imagination goes kinda wild around the ocean!

Anyways, so while we were having this jolly time at the sea side, the apartment owner who we had contacted, called us. He had decided to ditch us as well. He stated that he couldnt give us a place to stay unless we could prove that we were married. Damn!

We decided to go have a talk with him. It was 3 in the morning and there was no way we were going to find another place to stay in. So, with heavy hearts, we set off to meet him. After a long discussion, it was apparent that he was not going to budge from his decision. And so, we picked up our bag and set out to explore the city at night :D
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photo by: Nzelvis