A crazy end to a fabulous trip. And then its time to go home.

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Anyway, so we went to the bus station and inquired about the bus to Cairo. To our dismay, the earliest bus departed 1.5 hours later. It was already past 10.. We were sleepy, grumpy and tired.. and didn’t really want to wait that much longer. So we decided to go back as we had come - " on a microbus. We found a fairly comfortable looking one and hopped in. Soon it was full and on its way to Cairo. I had decided that I was going to sleep this one out. And so, without much care about whether the person beside me was comfortable or not, I found me a nice little comfy zone and dozed right off!

My deep coma like sleep was intruded upon some hours later. I didn’t know what exactly had woken me up, but groggy eyed, I looked about me… It was pitch dark outside (obviously!) .. and inside, there was a dull light and people chattering.. I looked at P to ask him what was up. He was muttering away - " in Arabic. I didn’t quite understand what was going on, and so I gently prodded him and asked him if we had to pay and how much it was.. etc etc.. Once again he looked at me, muttered something in Arabic and turned away… still muttering! I was too sleepy to try and figure out why he was acting so weird. :D .. And so, I dozed off yet again!

I was woken once again a little while later. This time I found P with some currency in his hands… It seemed like he was trying to count it but was not quite succeeding in it! I thought he was counting change to pay for our ride and started to protest because I was supposed to pay for this ride. So I asked him how much the fare was. Again, he looked at me and started to speak in Arabic.. Totally incomprehensible!!! I looked at him helplessly and asked him why he was speaking in Arabic with me! He said something - also in Arabic! I gave up, pulled out a 100 pound note and gave it to him. And then I dozed off again! :D

He woke me up a little while later to tell me that we had arrived at our destination. He was speaking English again!! Hallelujah!! :D

Later when I told him my version of the story of what had happened in the bus, he told me his! Apparently, he was in as deep a slumber as I was when someone woke him up and asked for the fare. Since we had agreed that I would pay for this ride, he woke me up in turn and was asking me to pull out some dough. What he didn’t realize was that he was asking me - in Arabic! In his drowsiness, he thought he was speaking English! According to him, I had this dumb look on my face and wasn’t responding to him. (Obviously!). And then, we both dozed off again! He was woken up once again by the co-passengers as we hadn’t yet paid! So, again, he woke me up.. explained to me that we had to pay.. told me what the fare was.. and was waiting for me to hand over the money! (Once again he was speaking in Arabic without realizing it.) And once again, I had a dumb blank look on my face. But I pulled out some money and gave it to him. And so all was well in the end.

That’s kind of when we realized that we were both beat! And we needed to sleep ...big time!

We didn’t bother waiting for another bus to take us home. We crawled into a taxi… I dropped P off at his place and headed back to get some much needed sleep.

And that’s when I realized that I hadn’t packed :D .. I had a flight in half a day…!

But well, I was traveling light.. and so I knew I could manage it.

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up to pack my bags, say my goodbyes and then head homewards.

As I left for the airport in the taxi, I felt this lump… this feeling that said that it was not time to leave… that there was so much left to do.. so much unfinished business…
But there was no way I could stay any longer… I had been in Egypt for 18 days. And leaving it made me feel worse than leaving any other place ever has.

I don’t think I will ever go back.. The world is too large… And life is too short.. you know..

But in the 18 days that I was there, Egypt embraced me.. and I, it. And for those 18 days, I shall always be thankful.
Thankful to my friend who made it happen for me. Thankful to his friends who made it even more special. Thankful to Egypt - for being so warm and welcoming.
world-traveller123 says:
sounds great i like to hit up Egypt in 2011
Posted on: Dec 15, 2010
anupa_rk says:
Thanks :) Appreciate it..
Posted on: May 10, 2010
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