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Off to check out the night life at Sharm
In all this time, S was left wondering where I had been taken off to. One moment I was going to find out about some water sports, the next moment I was rushing to tell him that I was going away with some girl I had just met… and then I was really gone!
And then there I was – in the water .. screaming my head off!! :D

To his credit, he wasn’t too upset that I had gone off and had all that fun without him. I did promise to go on another ride with him, of course.

And so, after a quick bite, we set off to the same place. And this time S asked for a ride called the sofa. It seemed like a harmless little thing compared to the madness that I had been through. And so, I condescendingly agreed to get on to it.

We were asked to sit back (as if on a sofa), and hold on to two straps on either sides.
At Alf Leila Wu Leila!
I have to admit that I was being super calm – thinking that I had just been on worse, and that this was going to be a piece of cake!
Oh how the mighty fell in the next ten minutes!

At first the ride was nice and bumpy and amusing.. And I was all smiles.. thinking that this was the perfect way to end the evening.. a nice casual ride on the water. And then I felt a sharp tug on one side… the motor boat was turning round and round in circles.. And with it, us! Faster and faster he went… till I was almost off the sofa! My legs in the water, my head on the platform.. and my arms clinging on to the loops with all the might that I could muster!

With the Banana, the guy kinda mixed up the motions.. sometimes going in circles.. sometimes dead straight… sometimes zig zag.
The happening spot in town :D

But this guy was all about going round and round and round! And soon, I began to feel dizzy! Yes, I have this stupid problem with going in circles :P

Anyways, I started screaming out and saying that this was enough. But my dear friend S was enjoying it so much that he kept laughing at my misery!! Finally I had to tell him that I was serious! And so he motioned to the driver to slow it down. Phew. I didn’t want to throw up my lovely meal of Koftas into that lovely water!

After all that excitement, I needed to just sit down somewhere and laze.. and enjoy the sounds of the water. And so that’s exactly what we did. Some beer and some music… and some nice quiet time.

But not for long! We were in Sharm El Sheikh after all! There was much to be done in the short time that we had.
And thats where all the entertainment is going to be!
We went back to the hotel and spent some time there.. Dinner for S, Sheesha for me :)

And then we were off to the happening spot in town – Alf Leila Wu Leila.

Thanks to our ultra resourceful taxi driver, who knew someone in the place, we got free entry to a place that was jam packed by the end of the evening. It helped that the contact was none another than the Dj for the evening! So we got the best seats in the place!

What followed was an evening filled with dance and drama and good food and good wine!

Belly dancing is something I had only heard of before I came to the land where all entertainment somehow makes its way to this form of dance ;)
And oh, the whirling dervishes? I had only heard about them from the Nuns as they sang complaints about Maria (in the Sound of Music, for those who needed that to be spelt out!). But in Egypt, they were for real! And they were beautiful. I think I preferred them over the belly dancers. The male members of the audience might have disagreed with me though :D

Several hours later, satiated, we dragged ourselves back to the hotel to catch some shut eye. I, of course, got online and spent some time connecting with my real world :P .. And at the end of it, I think I managed to get only a couple of hours of sleep. Little did I know that my sleepless nights had just begun!
anupa_rk says:
In retrospect, it was! ;)
Posted on: May 08, 2010
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Off to check out the night life at…
Off to check out the night life a…
At Alf Leila Wu Leila!
At Alf Leila Wu Leila!
The happening spot in town :D
The happening spot in town :D
And thats where all the entertainm…
And thats where all the entertain…
The stage is set!
The stage is set!
But the performers were just too f…
But the performers were just too …