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The story of Isis and her baby Horus
Another little town, made famous by the lovely temple constructed on the banks of the Nile. The temple of Kom Ombo is unique in that it is a double temple! Which basically means that it’s a combination of two temples in a common structure. One half of the temple is dedicated to the crocodile God Sobek and the other half is dedicated to Horus, son of Isis. As usual, my guide narrated some lovely stories revolving around the gods and the construction of the temple. So important to have a guide with a sense of humor you know! I saw many other guides rattling off dates and historical facts in a monotonous tone.. And though they may be factually correct, which casual tourist is going to remember exactly what B.
C the temple was built in??!! For me, what was more important was the narration.. the description of the architecture.. the translation of the art work on the walls..

Next stop, Edfu. By this time I had grown so accustomed to the stories revolving around the kings and the gods, and had seen so many paintings and cartooshes, that I nodded in full comprehension has the guide explained what each figure symbolized and how easy it was to identify the king and the gods by the letterings beside them! After a while, the guide would just give me hints and clues and I would decode the story by myself! That was fun :D
Edfu was where I was first introduced to the concept of evil gods :D .. Apparently, the god Seth, uncle of Horus was quite a wicked fella and had to be defeated by Horus in a battle et al.
Quite entertaining!! The battle and the victory of Horus over Seth are the theme of the temple at Edfu.

With Edfu, we had finished all the tiny little towns that littered the banks of the Nile between the two important cities of Luxor and Aswan. So, the next and final destination was Luxor. My guide was a Aswan-only guide, and so I bid him farewell at Edfu.. And wondered with apprehension who my guide for Luxor would be. I was extremely pleasantly surprised :) .. But that’s for later. On the last night on board the ship, the organizers arranged for us, a Galaeya party! So we were all expected to dress up in the traditional Egyptian costumes… and dance to traditional Egyptian music! There was a belly dancer who was brought in to show us how!! :D
I was dressed in a black Galabeya with a shocking pink stole with bells around my waist! And instead of shaking my belly, I chose to fill it with alcohol :D.
. Much more fun, if you ask me! The ship had a little store, manned by an over enthusiastic youth, who was out to try and please in any way that anyone desired! ;) .. So half my time at the party was spent in trying to convince him that I was in no need of any attention whatsoever!

But in the spirit of it all, it was all fun.. all kept clean and healthy.

I woke up the next day with quite a heavy head.. but was almost dragged down by the ship’s attendants as I had already kept my guide waiting. Ok, lets go check out this new guide – I thought to myself, and headed downstairs. I was quite pleased with my previous guide.. his English speaking skills and knowledge had really contributed to making a trip an enjoyable one. And so, the standards for the new guide had been set quite high!

As I stepped into the reception, I saw this smart hep girl in jeans and a white half sleeves t-shirt get up to greet me.
Who ..what!!! – I think. She is introduced to me as my guide for the day. The first impression was definitely a good one as she was the first girl I had seen in Egypt who had a half sleeved T-shirt on! Pleased, I step into the van with her and get chatting. She tells me that she has just got her license and has joined the guide’s guild only recently. Happy to be with someone my age, and someone I felt I could relate to, I looked forward to my stay in Luxor.
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The story of Isis and her baby Hor…
The story of Isis and her baby Ho…
The cartouche on the left says Pt…
The cartouche on the left says "P…
The Temple at Edfu - one of the be…
The Temple at Edfu - one of the b…
Cruising down the Nile..
Cruising down the Nile..
The lovely banks of the river
The lovely banks of the river
Kom Ombo
photo by: Vikram