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But we were tired. Neither of us had slept well the previous night. I hadnt slept well in quite a few nights! And so, walking around till day break didn’t seem feasible. The city was bright and alive, but we needed to place to relax. And so, of course, a coffee shop! We stumbled upon this place that looked like a night club.. with music, and dancing.. It looked like the kind of place that would be open all night :D … And so we picked out a table at a far corner.. ordered us some coffee (!!) .. and sat down to a few hours of chit chatting :)

I dont quite remember what we were chatting about... I doubt P does either! But a few hours and a few cups later, it was dawn! We decided that we had had enough of sitting down in that place, and so we headed beach-wards this time.. just to soak in the early morning sun and fresh air!

The city of Alexandra lies almost all the way along the coast.. and from any point on the beach, you can see the rest of the city stretch out in a curve on either side.. Its a lovely sight to see the sun rising over :)

After some laughs and some talks at the beach, we decided it was time for some … ahemm... coffee (and breakfast!) :D

And so we found a cafe and sat down to enjoy a meal. The coffee shop had some folks playing some board games and P asked me if I would like to try an Egyptian board game. Why not!! And so, he asked for this game (I have to ask him what it was called).. and a box with black and white stones was placed before us. At first I thought it may be something like Go. But it was quite different. P of course, was an expert. And me to poor beginner lost royally! :D .. But I bet a few more days of playing and I could get as good!

[Edit: He said its called “tawla”.. and google then informed me that this was the much heard about �" Backgammon!. I’ve heard of this game, but never really seen it being played. Thus my ignorance!]

After a fun game, we decided to play some Xs and Os. (Again, I need to ask him what he called it).. Again, it was a slight variation of the Xs and Os that I have played. And so I took a bit of getting accustomed to the game. But after a few rounds, I won! And then I refused to play any further so that my record wouldn’t be tainted :D

By this time the sun was high up in the sky.. It was about 9 in the morning! And we decided to start my sight seeing session with the Citadel. It was at the same place that we had spent several hours with the fishermen the previous night. But it was a whole different experience to be there in the morning. The breeze more gentle.. the waves more soft.. the birds chirping and the sounds of the city more mellow.

We sat down on the concrete slabs for a while.. watching the morning fishers.. watching some boys who had bunked school splash around.. watching the hawkers set up their wares for the day.

I was feeling quite awake with all the coffee that I had dumped into my system, but I wasn’t feeling very fresh. And so, we found a rest room. It was nice and clean at that early hour with me inaugurating it for the day! And there I freshened up, brushed my teeth, combed my hair.. even changed my clothes! And when I came out, I was fresh as a flower :)
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photo by: Nzelvis