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The bridge and lighthouse at the Montazah
The sun had begun to ease up... and P had insisted that I see – El Montaza.

So we bade goodbye to the coffee shop owner who didnt really care whether his shop was in business or not.. and set off to catch the bus to the Palace. We got on to an air conditioned double decker bus this time! What luxury!! :D .. I have to admit I almost dozed off on that ride.. it was so nice and comfy.. air conditioning is the best invention of mankind – ever!

So after a wonderfully pleasurable ride on the bus, we got to our destination. The Montaza Palace. Built by the last king of Egypt (or someone of that sort!), the palace gardens are supposed to be a must visit. So, visit we did.

It was a nice relaxing walk.. at the end of which we reached the area overlooking the sea.
The palace of the last king.. or something like that :D
A lovely bridge took us over to the sea side where we decided to climb some rocks and get to a relatively dangerous spot to sit on :D .. There was a narrow ledge that connected the rocks with the mainland.. and a drop from there meant certain breaking of bones! But we were high on caffeine, remember?! And so, we dared to step on and beyond! P, nimble footed, almost waltzed across the narrow namesake bridge. I of course am the clumsy one! But I made it through as well. And then there was the sea right before us! Beautifully green.. and then deeply blue... gorgeous!!!

Just as we were admiring the view, we heard a whistle being blown behind us. Turning, we found that it was closing time and that we were not supposed to be where we were :D .
. And so, we rushed back to the mainland. This time I managed to slip and almost fall into the water! Almost! But we got out alive and in one piece.. And then the guard who had urged us back gave us a little lecture on the palace and the general history of the place, and sent us back.

Tired doesn’t even begin to describe what we were feeling as we walked back to the main entrance. After a while we had to sit down in the woods and rest our feet for a while! It was night already.. We had to get back to Cairo.. And I had a flight to catch the next morning!!!

I wish we could've just stayed there for a few more hours.. maybe fallen asleep in the gardens.. with the fragrance of the flowers and the cool of the breeze as the perfect lullaby! But that was not to be.
My poor phone camera tries very hard to capture the beauty
Miles and miles to go before we could sleep! We decided to catch a proper bus (as opposed to the more uncomfortable micro buses) on our way back so that we could sleep a bit.

But first – dinner!

We went to this little non-descript shop close to the bus stop and P assured me that they served the best liver in the entire town! And so, bread and aish (I don’t know how it is spelt – but it’s this Egyptian bread that looks like a thicker version on an Indian roti) stuffed with liver is what we had for dinner. FOUR of them! Gosh, at that time I thought I would never eat liver again in my life. But now I find myself salivating as I recall that delicious taste! Why oh why am I such a sucker for good food?! I’m not really a connoisseur you know. I mean, I’m not the one you’ll find sampling the offerings at various plush hotels and all. I’m not the one who can point out subtle flavors and know what went into the cooking by a mere whiff. But the regular local food of a place just has me going ga ga! And I’ve always believed that the best food is always at the road side shops, you know. Like this one in Alex.. or any of the dhabas on the Delhi-Jaipur highway ..No 5-star hotel can ever match that taste!
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The bridge and lighthouse at the M…
The bridge and lighthouse at the …
The palace of the last king.. or s…
The palace of the last king.. or …
My poor phone camera tries very ha…
My poor phone camera tries very h…
but clearly fails miserably :(
but clearly fails miserably :(
photo by: Nzelvis