"A day that starts bad doesnt need to end that way!" OR "the one where I encounter the banana”

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The red sea! (looks quite blue to me actually) ;)
We were supposed to have started from Cairo at 4 in the morning. S had decided that the 7 hours between Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh were best covered by Taxi, instead of a Bus. I disagreed, but then it had all been arranged and my disapproval was over ruled! So the night was spent chatting with friends online.. and by 4, I was packed and ready to see the Sea! By 5, the taxi had still not arrived. Things weren’t looking too good. Finally we sent off.. about two hours later than scheduled. And the madness had just begun! The long drive to Sharm El Sheikh was spent half sleeping, half looking out of the window.
The beautiful town of Sharm El Shiekh
(We crossed the Suez canal!!!) And when we finally arrived in the city, I just wanted to jump into my swim suit and get into the water!

The plan was to get to the city and then call a contact who was supposed to get us a room in one of the nice resorts in the city. As fate would have it, the said contact decided to fall ill and be admitted in the hospital the very day that we arrived! And so, we were left without a roof on our heads in the touristy town of Sharm El Shiekh.

Plan B �" hop from hotel to hotel and hope that there were some rooms available. After some doors being closed on our faces (only figuratively!), we realized that there was no way we were going to get a room with a view! That is to say, there was no way we were going to get a room in a hotel that had its own private beach.
Lovely waters.. surrounded by gorgeous mountains
And so, we had to slide down the desirability ladder of hotels and settle for a reasonable one which allowed free access to one of the public beaches in the city.

I waited patiently till the doorman checked us in and closed the door behind him. And then, before you could say Jack Robinson, I was into my bathing suit and out of there! I don’t like wasting time on a vacation you see! After all, we have weeks and weeks after the vacation to laze around and recuperate :D

So, soon afterwards I was splashing about in the water at one of the many beaches while S finally appeased his hunger with some chicken and mushroom. While we were sitting around, we had seen some people having fun on some water sports. I didn’t even know what the rides were. It was like a platform to sit/lie on.
. which was then dragged around the water attached to a motor boat. It looked crazy! And so, off I went, to find out what it was and how much it cost et al.

I found the little stand that was advertising all kinds of water sports and just as I began asking my questions, a girl came up to me and asked me if I would come on a ride with her. She claimed that it was awesome and that they were not allowing her to go alone on it. I was a little amused, a little curious… and so, I said, why not!! I told her I just needed to let S know that I was ditching him.. and that’s when I noticed this huge tall guy right beside her. I asked him why he wasn’t going with her. “She’s crazy!” he replied. Oh oh… what was I getting myself into?! Well, its just water �" I told myself! How bad can it get, after all?! :D

And so, off I went with her. We were first put onto this platform kinda thingy. We were asked to lie on our tummies and hold onto a pair of straps on either side. And then a motor boat took us across the water. The ride was a little bumpy, a little splashy.. and quite enjoyable! Ok, this is not too bad �" thought naive me!

And then, we were asked to get off at another point on the beach. Apparently, that was just a joy ride to the main ride. The Banana was what it was called. And that’s precisely what it looked like! A bright yellow Banana. We were supposed to straddle it and hold on to a rein like thingy in front of us. That’s it. Nothing else to hold you in place. Seriously �" absolutely nothing!

The said Banana, with us atop it, was then latched onto a motor boat.. and away we went. Bumping against the waves.. bouncing high… water splashing across our faces.. the wind rustling up our hair… it was awesome!

And then it began.

Apparently, the fun really kicks in when the driver of the motor boat starts to do all these crazy maneuvers that leave the banana flying �" with the riders! And the challenge is to keep holding on. No matter how insane the ride gets!

And so for the next 20 odd minutes, I was thrown around… flung all over the place.. The driver made every attempt to dislodge us from our mighty seats :D .. And we.. well, we clung on for dear life! (Actually that was just me.. My crazy partner kept egging the driver on.. asking him if this was all he had!)

Before long, with a mighty jolt, I knew it was over. We were in the water! Yup, the driver had managed to over turn the Banana and down we went!

The crazy lady decided that once wasn’t bad enough and so she dared him to try again! Good Lord, I like the water, I like excitement… but this was insane!!! :D

And so, once again, we mounted the Banana and this time, I decided to try my best to be part of the game! We stuck on for pretty long, I must say. And the driver had to resort to some pretty nasty tricks to try and get us off balance. But well, in the end, we were flung into the water once again!

With that, thankfully, the dear girl was satisfied. And we were taken ashore.
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The red sea! (looks quite blue to …
The red sea! (looks quite blue to…
The beautiful town of Sharm El Shi…
The beautiful town of Sharm El Sh…
Lovely waters.. surrounded by gorg…
Lovely waters.. surrounded by gor…