Whitewater Rafting in CDO (Take 2)

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The first time I tried whitewater rafting in CDO last April, I fell out of the raft, which is not exactly a bad thing. But I've always wondered how things would have turned out had I not fallen. Would it be as fun/thrilling/challenging???

I was lucky enough to be able to come back last week. The trip was work-related, but I managed to free up one day (which was thankfully a holiday in the Philippines) to book my 2nd whitewater rafting escapade in the City of Golden Friendship. It was actually a last-minute booking, good thing Kagay (the premiere whitewater rafting outfit on this side of the planet) wasn't fully booked yet. It took me a while to convince my colleagues in CDO to join me. Yes, these CDO folks haven't tried whitewater rafting yet. Mondrel was even surprised to learn that CDO whitewater rafting is a known tourist activity in Manila.

Rafting was more fun the second time around because there were other groups that shared the experience with us, hence there were more rafts and more River Guides! They're so funny when they make fun of each other... and us, the adventurer-wannabes. There was the hilarious snake act where Howard, our river guide, was pointing to us the spot where the venomous "black pythons" nest, then suddenly threw a rope at us as if a snake fell down from the cave ceiling. If I had not known that there was such an act I would have jumped out of the raft that instant!

The river guides have their own unique antics. My friends, cousins and I had so much fun with Tata around during my first whitewater rafting adventure. Howard's gimmicks were also freaking fun. We love to "SIT ON THE FLOOR!" at his command.

(Well, partly because it was so much safer there than sitting on the edge of the raft when the rapids hit us.) His other "pakulo" was asking Gladys and I to kneel down and bow our heads down close to the water. I thought it was for safety reasons, but seeing our pics I realized how stupid we looked there. Howard, you'll get one from me for that! We also know that he purposely maneuvered the raft on one rapid so that one of us would fall. Ehem, that wasn't me. Poor Gladys. Hehe... The worst part of falling when other guides saw you is you'll never hear the end of their teasing. Yeah, as if they didn't know that your fall was "scripted".

Of course, regardless of who your guide is, the best part of rafting with Kagay is when we all raise our paddles and cry "HIGH FIVE!" to congratulate ourselves for surviving each rapid.

I will definitely come back next year (if not this year) to raft again. Hopefully, there'll be more of us on the river so it would be more fun. HIGH FIVE!

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