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Summer Palace

I actually wasn't planning on going to Beijing...  my travel buddy.. ahem, my dad and I were orginally supposed to go to a small province in China called Fujian. However, because not enough people wanted to go on the tour to the province we went to the travel agency to change our plans... it was either Bangkok or Beijing... my dad let me choose and we were off to Beijing the very next morning after some very last minute shopping for warm clothes!

We bummed around Hong Kong enjoying the night until 1am and then proceeded to take a bus to the airport and stretched out and slept on the comfy chairs  until 5am to meet the tour group. Backpacking with my father... who would of thought?

The one thing with this tour was that the guides spoke in Mandarin which my dad and I don't really understand.

.. argh! But luckily I was able to meet a couple friends on the tour around my age who translated for me! Though if they wern't telling the truth with the translation to English I would never know! Come to think of it... some of it seemed kind of odd the translation!...

When we arrived in Beijing the tour brought us straight away to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.. Mmmm... my first taste of Beijing food. You do feel kind of weird eating the food though because they organized us so well into different tables of 10 people and brought out sooooo many big dishes! Obviously none of us even eat half the dishes on the table which go to waste... we ate like this the whole tour. Kind of sad a little bit because you see a lot of beggers outside in Beijing who would kill for your food while your inside eating a glorious big meal with leftovers that will just go in the trash.

We visited the Summer Palace after lunch... I tended to faze away from the group since I couldn't understand anything anyways and did my own tour.. hehe... Looking back maybe I should of bought a guidebook with me... would of been easier to appreciate Beijing more. One thing I didn't mind about travelling at this time of year was that their was less tourists roaming around.


travelman727 says:
Your photos of the Summer Palace bring back happy memories of Beijing :-D
Posted on: Jun 12, 2007
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Summer Palace
Summer Palace
Water is all frozen
Water is all frozen
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photo by: Deats