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First day in boracay island, atmosphere is great. Beach is gorgeous and my balcony view is really amazing. We decide to go to ride the zorb.We already curious till death to try this games before reach boracay island. It's an interesting adrenalin games. You will be spinning inside the giant ball and go down through a hill. Not particularly a hill but looks like a track for giant balls.

They have 2 type of games, one called "hydro zorb" and the other called "the zorb". We tried both :)  first we try the hydro one.We think better to be wet first and then try the second one so it feels like in the dryer of washing machine and we gonna be dry. Have no idea what we gonna through,stupidly i didn't take off my cloths while trying hydro zorb. Actually with that type better you used swim suit or bikini, but it just my suggestion. Its all up to you want to dress up like you like.

before sliding, we can feel the adrenalin push inside our body. Feels great but also anxious, because that's the first time we try it. We wonder how it felt, and really exited at the same time.

When the guy say,
ready... 1...2....3... GO! yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh, i screamed to the top of my lungs!!

we ride a long the track down inside the ball with some water, feel tickling inside our stomach, wet at the same time, water all around and u cant see clearly because the water comes to ur eyes. Very cool and rush your adrenalin but in a different level of extreme. A good way to release your stress and having fun in the same time. It was really nice. I love it. Feels like u had been roll inside the washing machine. Roll over and over, get really wet and out of control but super fun and happy.It was a really nice experience. We laugh and scream to the top of our lungs Happy moment and a lot of joy. Sun burn our skin but that's not make us stop from having a really great time. And we can't wait to try the next game "ride the zorb" it self.

After hydro zorb, we wet like shit.A bit dizzy but everything is cool and still under consciousness. All over our body is covering with water and both of our clothes are super wet, ha ha.. my hair completely wet just like after shower. But that's all are part of the fun. :)

We climb again up to the top of the hill. Pretty tough because we are a bit heavy because of the water all over our body. Our clothes is wet and the sun is freaking hot. A bit pain in the ass coz the sun is shinning soo strong and the hills is pretty sharp. But we can do it :) really exited for the next slide. The people prepared the ball while we take a rest for a moment.

This 2nd type of game felt different. but i can feel that im gonna like it better. It looks more serious. The giant ball is the same, the different are we are like standing inside the ball with all the seat belt plus hand  and foot cuff. Completely different with the first one. Hydro zorb is more fun and abstract while you can move whatever you like where ever you want. Not like this type that you are being bundle and tight to the safety feature inside the giant ball.So, a little bit more complex and serious. The point of the safety is to make us stand where we stay. Not moving around. So later we can feel the gravity pull us down while we are in the top point of the ball. Crazy.. but fun!!

With this 2nd game, i scream louder! with excitement and anxious at the same time. i guess washing machine is the correct line to describe how it felt inside. You felt really dizzy and the world is spinning around you. You have no idea where is up and down. all you can do is just screaming and looking at your partner face while you are spinning aroung like hell.And it all continue until we reach the end of the hills.

wooaaaahh... that's the first word that comes up my mouth soon i finished the 2nd game. Feel really really dizzy! but super fun and more rushed your adrenalin. I really like it. Like you have no control of your self but you can feel the excitement burning inside your soul. I wanna try again the 2nd game, but my partner look like want to puke and sick, so better don't and have a rest a little while.

We wait for a while in the waiting room,where we can watch someone else playing the games.Relax a little bit while you still can hear other people's scream. hahaha.. It was so much fun! im so happy and no doubt if i went back to boracay island i will try that game again. Im in love with it! and it cost really cheap, just around $15 for both games and 2 person. Pretty cheap aren't they? i guess so.

It was a nice experience that i would not forget. And i always count my days to comeback to boracay island and try the game again....
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photo by: cookiecandy22