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Yes, I know, I am a total freak out when flying abroad. The plane was taking off at 12.40 but I was already at the airport around 10 am! I rather get there early, sit down in a coffee place and work with my laptop. And to be honest, I love airports! I consider it my second home, as most of my time I spend it there. I know all airports in Spain quite well, and as soon as I have the chance I take a plane to visit any other country. Although this year things might change, as I am expecting my first son! I have no idea how much this is going to change my lifestyle, but right now I am very happy thinking about it! ☺

Jimmy joined me at a restaurant next to our departure gate round 11.40am and we started showing off our travel equipment! ☺ This time I am taking most of my camera lenses! A Canon 100-400 IS L, a 16-35 IS L and a 24-70 IS L! I would say I am taking more equipment than clothes! ☺

Right now I am in the place under the effects of a nice red wine bottle! It is the best formula to bring inspiration! Shit! People are shutting the windows, so I have no light to continue writing… well folks, I will keep writing when people wake up!

Peru lets get to know some general facts and some history about the country. As I am writing I am reading what Lonely Planet has to say… but hold on! I just had an idea; I am going to create a tag cloud trying to describe what Peru represents for me before visiting it! Let’s go! And when I finish my trip I will create a new tag cloud!

Jungle, jaguar, shaman, Inca, condor, crevice, Machu Picchu, lama, Amazonia, Titicaca

There is no doubt that one of the most exciting pieces of Peruvian history has to do with the Inca Empire. It all started with the Incas in the XII century, but it was not until the XV century when they left the Cuzco Valley to conquer new land and became the Inca Empire. It was not until the 9th emperor, Pachacuted, when everything started. In 25 years the Inca Empire occupied most of the Central Andes. When it reached its peak, the Inca Empire ranged from South Colombia to the central part of Chile!

In 1524 Francisco Pizarro put his eye on Peru, but it was not until his 3rd attempt in 1532 when he founded the first Spanish City in Peru with the name of San Miguel de Piura. In 1535 founded Lima becoming the capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru and in 1541 Francisco Pizarro was killed. During the next 200 years Lima became the commercial, social and cultural center of the country but in 1780 Túpac Amaru II launched a rebellion and lost all the stability that citizens enjoyed during the previous period.

In the beginning of the XIX Century, all citizens of the Spanish colonies started to complaint about the absence of native citizens in the political class and the high taxes they were paying to Spain. Two battles gave Peru its independence, Junín the 6th of August 1824 and Ayacucho the 9th of December. But the Spanish final surrender did not happen until 1826! But war did not finish then, as in 1866 a new battle took place against Spain, and not too long after, they started a new war against Chile, which lasted from 1879 to 1883. Peru started a new fight against Ecuador disputing its frontier in 1941 and in 1942 they signed a treaty, which would define the actual frontiers.

From 1960 to 1970 the Peruvian Government was hit by military dictatorships. But democracy was against established in 1980 with president Belaúnde Terry who had been defeated in a military coup in 1968.

Since 1980 Sendero Luminoso started to fight against the government and in 10 years accounted for more than 50.000 missing and killed people. This terrorist mob was related to the drug industry and was operating in the central Peru, being quite active in Lima. Things seemed to improve when the 1990 elections gave Alberto Fujimori its presidency, but in 1992 abolished the constitution and initiated 8 years of corruption and fights with different groups of terrorists. Regardless of corruption taken place during his presidency, most agree that Fujimory fixed many things, such as the inflation and terrorism. During his first stage Fujimory did well, but during the second stage corruption ruled. He was condemned to 25 years in prison. His daughter is fighting for Peru’s presidency with Alan García. Alan has been president for second time, becoming president at the age of 33 for first time.

We arrived to the airport around 5pm and it was already getting dark. As soon as we reached the luggage belts, a guy from the Peru Tourism information center came to us and helped us move around the airport. Before taking us to get a taxi, he handed us some brochures, maps and a welcome bag! The guys were really helpful and he even recommended us the right taxi to get. At the information point they gave us a 24h tourist information number you can call any time if you need help. This is the first time I see something like that!

The hotel was around 30 minutes away from the airport and cost us 55 soles (Peruvian unit of currency) (14,48€). It seems to be that every taxi has different rates depending on the car model. This taxi was white, but once in the city I recommend you to get it yellow! The hotel was quite interesting, as a friend of us who lives in Lima booked it. I am attaching a review from the hotel.

We were quite exhausted, but we had to keep awake until 10pm at least to overcome jetlag. We asked the guy at the reception and he recommended us to head a big shopping center very near the hotel. We walked around and we ended up at a nice restaurant with beautiful views to the sea. There we tried one of the most typical dishes in Peru: “Aceviche”. It is raw fish with lemon, ají, sault and coriander. It is very tasty and you can find all sorts of fish prepared this way. We also had a “Cusqueña”, which is the local beer!

By the way, the airport is quite amazing; I never expected to find it so modern and clean …
Tinktinkie says:
Hi congratulations on being a parent soon as well as your featured blog!
Posted on: May 03, 2010
Lilliana77 says:
Felicidades Tirso!!! El blog es un HIT! ;)
Posted on: May 03, 2010
sarahsan says:
Congrats on getting your blog featured!
Posted on: May 03, 2010
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