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I was so drunk I just got married Not Legally by court just by ceromony but it was a huge ceromony with over 175 attendies.  We got home at 12:30 in the morning woke up at 3am to drive down to Long Beach from San Jose because our flight had been canceled du to 9/11 just that monday before.  We went with a couple of friends.  (Yes I know it was our Honey Moon and all however it was our first cruise and our friends wanted to go so bad so they did.  I'm glad they did. ) It was the longest worse day of my life.  Hung over in a car for a 8 hour trip that should have only taken 5 hours.  It was a stressful drive with frequent pull overs so I can hang my head out the doore .   We finally had to stop and eat because I was feeling better and need to put somthing back into my stomack.  We stopped at Travel Centers of America that had a nice little truck stop restoraunt and gift shop  with great pancakes. I just couldn't drown them with syrip didn't want to get sick again. It was a good rest.  Then back on the road throught the horrible HWY 5 windy mountian roads called the Greap Vine.   Yeup sick again.  All the way through it was a horrible drive.  I swore never to drink in my life again.  I fell back on that.  I also swore never to drive to LA again. Hahaha!  Finally we made it to the Long Beach Peir.  What an amazing sight driving up to the peir and seeing the ship get bigger and bigger as we get closer.  It felt for a moment that my turing stomack was getting better quickly.  We finally made it out of the parking lot with our luggage and into check in.  I could not wait to get past all those lines and onto the ship!  The excitement just keept building up inside me.  My hangover was finally gone, I was excited and HUNGRY! 

There is no way to describe the feeling of walking up the walk ways to a cruise ship for the first time.  First of all you are just amazed by how heuge the ship is and second your mind is imagining how it could look inside.  When you walk up and swipe your card and hear that ping allong with the crew giving you a welcome onboard and step into the ship the first worlds for some is WOW! Others is AAAHHHH and some people say nothing at all.  I being the adventurouse talkative one was AAAHHH WOW and of course wanted to explore the whole entire ship.   Our state rooms were not ready yet so we went up to the Lido deack for some noon time munch.

The food on a cruise ship is so amazing! You have a few type of dinning choices on larger ships and other ships you have two types.  The first is buffett style meals.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  Even though it is Buffett style the quality of the food is amazingly great.  The second is resteraunt style seating where you are greeted and served 3 to 4 course meals by friendly and humerouse staff.  By the second or third day of your cruise your waiter will know what you want and have it ready for you every time you sit down. 

This was the most amazing feeling I had ever had walking on board a cruise ship for the first time.  My first sailing was on Carnival Elation on Sunday September 16, 2001 and from that cruise forward I vowed to be a life time cruiser.

The Carnival Elation is not one of the biggest ships in the Carnival fleet however at that time it was to me it was my first very first ship and I was like a kid in a candy store full of amazment excitement and aww. The ship is just a little over 70,367 tons 855ft long and holds about 2,052 passangers.  The ship was a truly amazing first cruise expierience. 

All our ports were fun too  the funest of all though was Puerto Vallarta!  We had an amazing exrusion called the Sierra Madre Unimog Adventure.  A Unimog is a open air army vehicle you see a bonch of army men riding in the back.  Just in case you didn't know what that was. hahaha  We drove about 1 hour in to the sierra madre mountain jungle hiked about a mile and then went out to a private beach location wher we had bbq, and a open bar.  Then on the way back to the ship we had a bottle of Tequilla.  We all did shot on the way to the cruise turminal and got even more drunk.  I recommend you looking up that excrusion the enxt time your in Puerto Vallarta.  You don't have to be there on a cruise to do it either. 

The second stop was Maztatlan.  There were allot of excrusions there however we decided to just walk all over the city and get a feel of the Mazatlan city life.  Then we headed over to the beach and did parasailing.  That was so amazing.  That was the first time I have ever did it.  I loved it so much. 

Our Third stop was in Cabo San Lucas.  The ship dropped anchor out in the Gulf of Cabo and we took a catamaran onto land.  There we walked the old down town. We wanted this to be our beach day.  Cabo has beutiful sandy beaches and worm water.  Our time there was only about 5 hours, so we did not have much time to do much. 

This first cruise was the most amazing experience ever.  I vowed to always cruise.  I do love land vacations don't get me wrong anything to travel. hahaha.  With cruising I can see more places at a cheeper cost.  Well this is my first blog and I am a very bad speller too.  hahaha.  Hope it was a little interesting.  Namaste Victor Junior 


montecarlostar says:
Nice read, keep up the good work!
Posted on: May 01, 2010
vulindlela says:
Oh, the grapevine would not be fun like that!
Posted on: May 01, 2010
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