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I like to keep up with the news from home, so I read The Age online whenever I can.  Yesterday I read this article about food memories (why catch up actual on current events when you could catch up on foodie current events?) and decided to write my own 'food biography' for you all. 


There were so many other things I could have added, but I needed to stop at 10...


  1. Meat Pie & Boston Bun: I ordered this every week from the canteen in primary school (that or a chicken, cheese & pineapple toasted sandwich and a lemonade icy-pole).  Whenever I've been travelling overseas, a meat pie or savoury roll is always on the list for when I get back to Australia. 


  1. Tinned spaghetti: Saturday lunch.  Spaghetti on toast.  Or baked beans, but I would always try to steer the decision towards spaghetti.  (Nowadays I'd take baked beans over spaghetti any day). 


  1. Dad's omelettes: the only thing he could cook.  Full of bits of bacon and cheese. 


  1. Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding: a go-to dessert when we were kids - any of us could whip one up in five minutes, and the ingredients were always in the pantry.  Gooey, saucy, goodness. 


  1. Corn: I've always loved corn.  In high school I would stick a cup of frozen corn kernels in the microwave, and that would be my after-school snack. 


  1. Roast Lamb: with roasted carrots, pumpkin, parsnip, and peas and gravy.  A classic Sunday roast.  Followed by Pavlova.  Best meal ever?  Possibly. 


  1. Christmas Pudding / Cake: I was never even a big Christmas pudding / cake fan, but at uni it became an annual ritual to spend at least one weekend doing Christmas baking with (or for) my aunt.


  1. Sticky Date Pudding: I've tried a few recipes, but the one from my high school Home Ec class is still the winner!  I made it once for a group of friends, and now am never allowed to cook anything else for dessert for them (and I have so many lovely dessert recipes…). 


  1. Lamb & couscous: some fluffy couscous with my favourite lamb shank recipe, or my quick tagine-esque dish, have all been added to the repertoire over the years. 


  1. Chilli & cornbread: my favourite summer camp lunch, and now something I love to make at home.  
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