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I woke up later than I wanted to this morning, I heard the nieghbors come in to feed the dogs and take them outside and that is what woke me up.  I was glad because the rental car had to be back to the airport in just a few hours and I hadnt even started unloading the rest of our stuff or cleaning it out.  After the nieghbors had left I went outside to start unloading the car and cleaning it out. There were chips and straw wrappers and sand just about everywhere so I grabbed the Shop-Vac out of the garage and did a qucik vacume job before I woke my brother up so that we could get to the airport to return it somewhat clean.

After filling up the car and running to the bank real quick we drove up to Manchester Airport to drop off the car.  Somehow the drop off always seems to be easier than the pick up.  Our ride was not answering his phone or texts so we headed over into the main section of the airport where it was warm so we could wait for him.  As I was sitting on a bench I kept looking at a girl at one of the airline counters and i was sure she was looking at me too.  I said to my brother I know that girl and I couldnt let it go, so I walked over to the counter and she called my name and I was shocked.  As it turns out I played softball with her, we lived around the corner from each other and we went to highschool together.  She and my brother were in the same graduating class.  We got to talking and she asked what we were doing here, I told her waiting for a ride that didnt seem to be showing up.  She then offered us a ride home.  It was a short ride but we did some catching up and in no time at all we were back in Hudson.  Now I have to re-pack everything and figure out how to get back to Maine.

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photo by: spocklogic