Adventures in Picking up Rental Cars the Sequel

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After spending over an hour on the phone with Orbitz customer service I finally had another rental booked.  The downside is I had to wait another three hours to pick it up.  We arrived back in Manchester to pick up the rental car, my hopes were not high that I would be successful in doing so.  I walked up to the rental counter as the attendant was leaving for the night, so I had to walk out to the parking garage.  Luckily my rental car company was the first one as you walked into the garage.  I walked into the booth gave them my name and she pulled up my reservation and then came the moment of license and card please.  I handed her my card, the same card that I was assured by Orbitz would be accepted, and for the second time today I got that look of "what the hell is this".  The attendant looked at me and said "I don’t think this is going to work", I told her it was a debit card and Orbitz said this company accepts debit cards, after going back and forth on this issue she decided to run the card to see if it would work.  I wanted to do back flips of joy when she told me it would be accepted, but not only would I have injured myself it would of been premature.  There were a series of small problems that followed, and then finally the moment I had been waiting for she handed me the paperwork and said "you are all set, your car is in stall number 10".  I walked out to stall number 10 and there was no car so I figured it was just parked in the wrong spot, so I looked around at the different license plates and my car was nowhere to be found.  The attendant called me back and said they had already rented that car so I had to go through the whole process again, and after all that I FINALLY got a rental car!

Now that we have the rental car we should be starting our drive to Florida, which means I should not be here at a computer writing this blog until tomorrow.  Well because it took so long trying to pick up the rental car my brother could not make it to pick up his paycheck.  Now we are stuck in New Hampshire until tomorrow morning when I get to fight morning rush hour traffic in Boston to take him to get his check, and then maybe then we can start our trip to Florida.

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photo by: spocklogic