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How to Avoid Holiday Stress

Chances are nothing makes you happier than the thought of escaping Britain's dreary grey skies for a break in sunnier climes. Unfortunately, many of us forget that visiting an exotic destination carries with it a host of health-related risks. Tropical countries, in particular, can be a hotbed for infectious diseases, so before you jet off be sure to follow Cheap flights' advice.

Preparing for your trip

Get Vaccinated

Your top priority should be finding out which vaccinations you need, and thanks to the National Travel Health Network and Centre this couldn't be simpler. Select the country you're travelling to and take note of the recommended vaccines. Similar guides are also available on the websites of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and America's CDC.

The best time to see your GP is four-to-six weeks before your departure date, as some vaccines take weeks to strengthen your immune system. Typhoid, Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and Rabies are the most common vaccinations you will need �" but other preventative measures such as Malaria tablets or Tetanus boosters may also be recommended.

Discuss Existing Conditions

Though drop-in immunisation centres are available in many British cities, talking to your GP is always preferable. This is particularly so for people who have a pre-existing medical condition; are pregnant (see related travel tip); have a history of blood disorders; or have recently had surgery. All these conditions can leave you more vulnerable to an infection, so be sure to discuss them with your doctor.

Take Out Financial Protection

Short-haul travellers should make sure they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles holders to state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area countries, plus Switzerland. With this card, you'll enjoy the same quality of care as local residents, though you may have to contribute to the cost of treatment. It isn't an alternative to travel insurance, though, which you should purchase no matter where you're holidaying. Click here to apply for an EHIC.

While you're abroad
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