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the park and the minigolf court, and the symbol of østersund...this sandwichspreed
I have always read the travling book about my home town and amezed about who bad and boring stuff they do really recomend in my home town.
So Now I will do my own travel guid for ostersudn and it`s surranders.

ostersund is located bettween trondheim and stockholm on the train line and it is a good ide stopping here for somedays. if you do love the forest and the lakes and to be in a small town.
first is is good to know that if you going to stay here more than just 1-2 days it someday could be good renting a car to get a round to everthing good to see. but planie tso you don`t need the car to much.

what to see in ostersund?

jamtli openair museeum for big and for small.
this is a historicly land with old houses and people from the old times living here. best to see in summer time. the do have daily activiites here both for children and adoultes.
nice nature around the lake

you cna walk around here and meet people from old times. and the do have some food from old days to to be teasted and/or bought.
here are also animail from farmes and shopping houses. and a quit of mini golf or was before.

the museum
if you visiit jamtli next by is also the museum of the area. it cna be in a combinated ticket with discant for both.
the museum showes the great lake monster and some othere stuff and some lappes things and have soem exihibtions they change during times.

S/S Thome
is the local steem shipe and very populare for tourists so be out in time if you want to be on a dya tripp with it. information can be found on the locla tourist information.

is the house of the old conpuser wilheim petterson-bergen
around the house is a nice area for pickwick in a nice summer day and you can be sitting there looking out on the town of ostersund and the great lake.
the resturang "en liten rød"

the frøsø out-look-tower
from this you have a nice wiev of the whole lake and the mountains around and the town.

is the island out side ostersund with the airport on. you can take bus to here or walk or drive. drive around it nad look at the nature or walk around it is 13 hour or something.
it is a nice place.

frøsø zoo
is a place with animais from all over the world but it is not like in the days of my childhood so it is not vest the money if you ask me. but can have a try if you want. children would love it.

I also heard that some where in the town there is a playland for paintboll and othere stuff.

is a park with a cafe and mini golf down by the hourbour and nice to walk ing or taking the children to.
in winter tiem you can go skating down here or have bqu. there is also a place for sauna and ice bathing here to rent for 300sek a hour if you are a big group.

storsjobadet, badingland
is a nice place if you like wather.

is the local cultur house. the have a cinema showing b-movies and here are concertes with the locla bands and a small cafe.

there are also a local beer making place so if you go to a bar or resturant aks for the local beer.

ostersund in last years has also been known as the skiing place and do everywinter have some championshipes coming here. in othere days it is free for you to be skiing here.

what to see outside ostersund, what to drive to?

this could be a nice place for a day tripe by car. stromsund in 100km from ostersund and a nice place to see.
here is the famouse Beppe wolger museum
beppe wolgers was a man who in the 1970th and 1980 did do some tv for chldren with his dolls and cartoons. so this is a place for both young ang old.

in skjervånger they do have a dairy that makes goat chees in the old traditional wa. they do both white and brown chees. so have a try.

is the place where my aunt every summer do rent a cabin and there are close to some nice fishing water or some nice walkes and haikes. they do also arange activites for tourists here.

the dead fall
once there was a man who wanted to distroy a waterfall and this is what happening. to go to see this place you need a car, there are no buses to here.
and in summertime there is also outdorr teather here telling the story of this place.

also jamtland is nice for mountain walkes and do enjoy all the mountains around, åre, storlien, vemdalen etc just go to the tourst office and ask.

in winter åre and stolien and vemdalen is nice skiing centers with hotels and tripe to here.

in the last years there become popular to go safari looking for bevers or elc in the forest or in winter time gooing scooter.

there are a lot of nice waterfall here and lakes to be fixh in or just look at. but be shore that you have fishing card if fishing. ask more about it in the toursit office.

there are soem nice bathing places along the great lake and othere water but all the places is not cloose to a bus, so you need car. and there are the tradistionel stone beaches of scandinavia.

where to eat

swedens most populer japanes resturant and sho place.
epople go to here from all over and to be sure to have a table you have to book it maybe 1 year in advence.
the place is a beat expencivly but it is wort all the money to once been here.
the stuff is just exelent and the food is the best japanes out side japen.

it the big tower up by the ski senter. up here is a sky bar with resturant. you can be sitting here for lunch, cofee or tea. and in evenings there is a bar and some nice dinner here. this place can also some evenings been booked by privat person or organisation, espesilly during the skiing season and champion shipes. there are a beat expenciv here but there is a nice weiv of the town up can walk up here from the citycenter 15-20 minutes or take a taxi.

simon& victor
one of the permanent resturanges in ostersund. it has some times change name but it now back to simon& victor.
they to have local spesiallytes like mouse meat and local fish and mountains burds to eat. it is a beat expencivly but the food is good and tradistional local forest meet (vilt køtt).you can also just hang in the bar for some beers. the bar is in english/scootish style.

en liten rød
is one of ostersunds oldest resturantes. and it is hiden in a ally so you have to know the place to found it.
the spesiallety of this place is the "fondy" meet diped in oil and with sauce and vegstibuls. you have to call them in advence to reserv table for "fondy" and it is 350 sek a person.
the atmosfare here is so nice and  you will love the place and the food. I do still have de meet taest in my moth.

gamleteateren resturant
this is one of the fansy places in town, can be rented for weddings or big gathering and it is al a carte.

is the ols 1700 centery resturant out on jamtli for big ecauction and gathering or just a meal. also have three meal dinner. they aløso have cafe in the garden in summer.

This is one of the cheap places in østersund to be eating and here you can get almost everything exept from vin and alcoholic beer.
you can also call them for hoem deliver.
the have a small pizza meny, italien pasta meny, kebab, hamburger, ordenery sweden food and more.
the place for the whole family.

in this place you can eat who much you want for one price and the place is located down on the down side of the quer in passajen street.
it is vetnameish wook food, use you food and they wook when you see it.

taco bar
this place close early around 6pm but it nice for a coffe or a small lunch or brunch. the have a nice texmex taco buffe for a nice price.
the place is young or for familyes. have a retro style with white and black floor.

his cafe has a big meny of sandwiches and sallad and is a place for the young people or to meet the local music life.

iit thwe big house in the hourbour who is nice to visit in summer days. sitting on the balkony and see out of the water and frøsøn.
the have some lunches and smal sallads and sandwiches.

is a cafe in side a shopping house in østersund
they ahve a big celection of kakes, pastels, sandwiches and sallad. laso a big celection of cofe drinkes, hot choclad and tea.
it is always crody and a populer place.

bjørkbacka cafe
up in town there is a parc called bjørkbacka and in this parc there is a oldstyle cafe with white garden tables and chaires. the celection here is smal but the atmosfer is nice and just some meters from here the children can play or you can rent a tennisquat.

badhusparken cafe
the have a big celection of soft ice and here you can place mini golf. children can play near by. and in winter time here is ice for skating around the coner.the cafe is mostly outside in the parc.

on frøsøn this is the place for taking a cofee and sittinmg out  side in a cafe. but you can also go here for a pickwick.

bishop armes
is a bar with a big celection of beers from all over the world and this place has a nice atmosfer irish or english. and you have to bee here early in the evening, already around 9pm it can be feld in weekends.

festival and thing happening in the year

outdoor teather in every summer on frøsøn. it is a viking teather but a viking called arniljot and his life.
where to sleep

every year in the end of july or beginning of agust ther is this festival week endning with four days of music and artistes.
in day times in the whole week there is happenings going on oin town, both for children and adultes. why not entent the oakes trowing game or eat at any local resurant who has a tent down by the hourbour.
there is also a spesielly festival camp for tentes down by the lake.
tickets for the concertes can be bought before coming to town. look for it on internet.

tradistional local food
the tunnbrø bread and elc meet and goat chees.
also kolbuller, can be tried on jamtli, it is a kind of smal pancake with meet in.
local beer.
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the park and the minigolf court, a…
the park and the minigolf court, …
nice nature around the lake
nice nature around the lake
the resturang en liten rød
the resturang "en liten rød"
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