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Funny thing is when I wrote my previous blog, I was so frustrated and keep on writing. I did not check my email.

Once done & published, I checked my email and there was a job asking me to give him to a call & I did called and he ask me to go Warkworth to work this Sunday on picking up mandarin oranges. yahoooooooo!!!!

But I've no idea how much it will be coz he only mentioned is based on how much/many can I pick a day. Hopefully everything is FINE.

By the way, I did answered some people who is worried about how much $$$ to bring over to Australia/New Zealand for working holiday. It is true that it is just required the minimum because it push you to work harder to gain cash. Some people just tooo worry on financially that push them back from travelling.

Life should be enjoy and not being push back due to financial uncertainty. I do have the uncertainty when I first came, and money running out, no much jobs available or more to say, too much people here doing the same program which causes the whole working holiday traveller to be strangled by the situation.

But here,I learn to save more than I do back in my hometown, since the food here so expensive compare to Asia, I cook myself. I learn to be more independent. Washing own cloths, do own cleaning coz I'm used to rely one someone helping me. I learn about other culture when I met people here, from all over the world. I learn to share to save cost, eg. buying wine and enjoy among ourself & split the cost. It's really fun!

Well, Chinese old proverb - do it when you are still young. Money will come by itself if you know how to survive/have some skills. Use your own specialty. Eg. Maybe you from France/China - you can teach your language. That doesn't need to you to pay tax, coz that's your extra income. Another example, sale your speciality, handcraft maybe? but definetly not selling your body coz of money. That's not worth!

So how much to bring in? It really depend on oneself. If you a partyholic, or alcoholic, no matter how much you earn, it will all gone in seconds but you live moderately, you will able to survive no matter how, as long as you are hardworking enough COZ MONEY FOREVER WILL NOT BE ENOUGH in this world except you are born in billionaire/triliionaire family.


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Lots of people came here with a high hope of getting a job and proceed with their travel plan but somehow I notice there is a lot of people got stuck including me.

It has been a week now I'm in Auckland, I applied hundred of jobs, from part time retail assistant to a housekeeper but I just couldnt get one. Maybe because I am an Asian, they do not want to recruit or maybe coz I been working in HR line for past years and they consider me as no experience.

Actually I don't understand, those employer don't even give a chance for people to prove themself, how to get experience? Even now I am confident with those jobs that I applied coz for me everything is possible, living in the land of everything is possible, it makes myself a "can-do" person but somehow I was not given a chance.

The work out there, sometime they do not need experience, it just need common sense. Hello?? A retail assistant, what do they do? What experience do they need? Counting stock? Smiling to customer? Assisting customer? Do that need experience? A housekeeper, what experience do they need? Coz everything being program, okay 1st. clean the bed, 2nd clean the toilet 3rd, vacumn, what experience do they need? Front office maybe a bit hard coz need to know bit of system but is that hard? NO! It is not, and what's the problem with these employer!GOD!!!

Most of us are stuck in a situation whether to proceed or not to proceed with the trip as money is lacking. Week by weeks we need to pay hostel fee, food & transportation and running around like mad people asking around if there is any jobs to do, email out hundred of resume through all sort of website and the only thing we can do is JUST WAIT.

Being so unproductive and kind of lost motivation to proceed with the trip, I felt like giving up and go home. 

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