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I know many were affected by the recent volcano eruption and we have our own concerns regarding an upcoming overseas trip. And I know many people experience all kinds of unplanned events that affect their travels. But this is the first time I have ever experienced it. The unexpected happened.

It was only a short, 4-day trip to Las Vegas for me, and my husband. A quick in and out of town for a business meeting, some social, and our first few days off together in a long time.

It was an important trip. A meeting which would help us, our employees, all of our families, our business. This is also our first business trip where we would bring our son and introduce him to the ownership side of our family company. A trip where we would have an opportunity to meet with others, in the same situation as us, dealing with the same trials we are going through.

A 3-day brain storming session sharing advice and comradeship.

We lost our money and miles we had used for air fair. I had already checked in online, and lost our baggage fees. There were also 2 tickets to a concert, meeting fees and our share of catering. But fortunately the hotel was wonderful, and even though we were past the refund deadline they kindly refunded us without penalty.

I had also arranged the venue. I had all the details. The convention sales agent and room service manager I was working with took over. They handled everything.

It had happened, our close friend and co-worker, Jim, lost his brave fight with cancer. Thirty years of friendship, 25 years of working together, we lost him. We are all devastated.

We also knew Jim would want us to go on with our business trip.

Why don't I ever think to tilt the camera?
He was a hard worker and lived and breathed for his co-workers, and customers, no differently than his family and home. He never complained, or said a bad word about anyone. He would feel bad that we missed our trip.

Naturally, we stayed home. Without hesitation, we did not go. And you know what? None of that business stuff or money mattered.

There was also the decision on having our son continue on, or stay back in respect to the man that saw him from the day he was born, and now to taking those first steps towards continuing the family business. Steven wants to stay home too.

We did send our son.

Jim would of wanted that. Jim would be pleased and proud that Steven still went.

Then an email came .

. .

“Thanks again for all your advance work and planning for our meeting. Palace Station was an excellent choice. I would have to say this was the most productive ADG meeting I've been to and it couldn't have come at a better time. We missed you and Doug, but on a personal note, Steve was a very good addition to the group. You and Doug should be very proud! “

Our daughter and her husband were with us and we were able to share our grief together. I'm so glad we stayed back. It was one of the hardest weeks our family has ever had. 

We will all miss him terribly.

ik-ben-10eke says:
Oh, this is sad, wishing you strenght with your loss.
Just remember: Loving and caring always beat money matters.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2010
hummingbird50 says:
I am so sorry...and your right your friend Jim, would have been glad Steven went ......
Posted on: Apr 26, 2010
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