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i'll write this part later.

ok i'm back! saturday. what did we do? oh yes.

we didn't get up till about 1pm i believe. i love sleeping and being in bed. i for one had a hangover and was grumpy and icky...absolutely gross. hungover V = a tired and quiet gal. during the daytime nathalie wanted a smoothie and a frozen alky drink so we headed out for a late lunch. we went to a restaurant called "Burger Bar" serving burgers of course and a variety of smoothies. i was a bit too hungover to eat much so i ordered a small burger. during the meal roberto and eugene joined us.

after the meal we all went to get our frozen alky drinks. the big and tall ones that you see all over Vegas. i'm not sure what you call those suckers. anyhow i ordered the mango flavored frozen drink but i did want the jello shots.
the entire day and night i held off on the alcohol making sure i don't repeat Friday night. hahaha. we headed back to our hotel to get ready for what's to come at night which is club night at the Lavo. daniel and keith decided to head back to the hotel for a power nap. i for one didn't want to nap so the girls joined me downstairs to walk around the hotel and we stopped by a random bar for a free drink and to chill with Jerome...and yes i was still hungover. it takes me a whole day to recover really. hahaha.

nighttime at last everyone is awake and getting ready to meet us in our hotel room. our room was the meeting point for everyone, apparently. off we go! we arrived and many thanks to Mel for hooking us up to the club. Truly appreciated! =) thanks so much! free entrance and free drinks for the ladies.
these tall frozen alky drinks. what are these suckers called?
the place was very crowded especially the dance floor. natahlie is claustrophobic...she couldn't take the crowd so she had to leave. she started to tear up at one point...scared the shit outta me. i didn't know what was wrong. Keith took Natahlie back to the hotel. it was the last time i saw Keith, he was leaving the next day in the morning to catch his flight back to Honolulu. byeeee my friend. =(

while still at the Lavo, the place was too crowded, there was hardly any space to dance. i gotten a bit irritated and so i remembered how Roberto told me he also had us on the list for a new club called Rok. so we headed to Rok. thanks roberto! nancy was nice to drive us all and herself to New York New York, which is where Rok is at. thanks Nancy!

now that's what i'm talking about.
Rok was not too crowded, perfect. and i spotted some folks wearing casual clothing, awesome! i'm not really a fan of dress codes but for the sake of having fun i did dress up for Lavo/Tao. Rok had space to dance! great! =) we danced the whole night away. it was tons of fun. the music was alright but i was expecting more well...rock tunes. now that i think about it there is no way to dance to rock music. how? care to demonstrate? hahaha.

after that all of us but Daniel and Jerome headed somewhere else for grub. where'd they go? i wanted my sleep (as always) so we headed back to our hotels and called it a night. We arrived back to our hotel and Nathalie was still awake. shortly after we'd all fall asleep...*snore snore snore*...well not us the girls, only daniel was the heavy snore. hahaha =P

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these tall frozen alky drinks. wha…
these tall frozen alky drinks. wh…
group photo!!
group photo!!
grubbing at Burger Bar
grubbing at "Burger Bar"
another group photo!
another group photo!
my bar
my bar
like my socks?
like my socks?
Eugene is so very tall comparing t…
Eugene is so very tall comparing …
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